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Dakiningyo (Soft Doll)RSS

Dolls with stuffed bodies.


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Uki Uki Sandy Belle

The doll has at least two dress variations. Her hair is brown, although the character is blond. The body seems to be soft.


This doll seems to have the same head as Chamekko Wakame-chan, but the body is different.

Watashi ga Chitose yo

Chitose has a stuffed body and a flat vinyl head. The matching doll is Wapiko.

Wayo ~n Wapiko Dayo ~ n

Wapiko has a stuffed body and a flat vinyl head. The matching doll is Chitose.

White Dream Chibineko

This bisque/stuffed catgirl was a limited release of 500 pieces, re-released in 2006. Dress variations are blue, yellow and (probably) pink.

Yawaraka Aloise (45cm)

A bigger variant of Yawaraka Aloise.

Yawaraka Mirai-chan

Unlike Amaenbo Mirai-chan, this doll seems to have no elctronic functions.

Yumemiru Chibineko

This doll is a re-release of the 1985 Chibi-neko, with some alterations in clothes, hands and face. While the original variations were blue, pink and yellow, the new edition replaced the yellow dress with white and totally deleted the pink variant. S ...

Yumemiru Lady Rin

Two 40cm Lynn dolls (red or pink dress). Stuffed body, vinyl head and limbs. Marking on the plastic part of her back: "Bandai 1988 made in Japan". Marking on the dress: "Bandai 1988 made in Korea". The box has the images of other Lady Lynn merchandise, in ...