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Character: Sailor Moon

17" Adventure Doll Sailor Moon

This particular doll is interesting because she had a "flawed" variant wearing blue on her gloves instead of red and her collar trimming was plain instead of golden. Apparently, both versions were sold simultaneously.

17" Adventure Doll Sailor Moon

Rereleased in 2001 in a yellow box.

Adventure Doll Sailor Moon

First distributed by Bandai America. The only 6" Adventure doll that was changed for Irwin rerelease.

Adventure Doll Sailor Moon

The doll was rereleased in 2001 in a yellow box.

Adventure Doll Sailor Moon

The only 6" Adventure Doll by Irwin that wasn't a straight rerelease of a Bandai America doll. She has gold trimming on her skirt and a new brooch.

Character Costume Series Sailor Moon Costume Set

Doll clothes. Size: Obitsu 27cm. Edition: Wonder Festival 2004 exclusive.

DDS Sailor Moon

Eyes: Dollfie® Animetic Eyes “Sailor Moon” Original Design / Metallic / 20mmWig: “Sailor Moon” Original Style / DD SizeHead: “Sailor Moon” Original HeadBody: Dollfie Dream® Sister Base Body / Normal Skin / M BustIncludes: Doll / Wig / Wig Accessory (×2) / ...

Deluxe Adventure Doll Sailor Moon

The first American Sailor Moon doll. 

Deluxe Adventure Doll Sailor Moon

In 1996 Bandai America stopped making Sailor Moon dolls and handed the line over to Irwin, a Canadian company. Their earlier dolls look very similar to those by Bandai America. The differences are the skirt trimming and the brooch.  

Deluxe Adventure Doll Sailor Moon

So-called "Pretty Face" Irwin doll. She was rereleased in 2001 in a yellow box.

Excellent Sailorteam Sailormoon

Deluxe edition. The box contains the character descripton in Japanese and English.

Henshin! Sailor Moon

The first Sailor Moon doll ever! The hair and gloves are molded, the choker is plastic. Bow colour is lighter than it should be. Legs are not bendable.

Le Ragazze Sailor Moon Giganti Sailor Moon

The doll uses the same mold as 1996 17" Adventure Doll, but the hair is different and her brooch is Moon Cosmic Power.  

Moon Cycle

An original accessory made by Bandai America. Intended for Adventure Doll series. This vehicle never appeared in the anime. There are speculations that it was inspired by the artwork for Sailor Moon remake by Toon Makers/Saban (fortunately never aired). ...

Moon Talk Sailor Moon

A talking doll saying three phrases:  ムーンコズミックパワー・メイクアップ Moon Cosmic Power Make Up  ムーンスパイラル・ハートアタック Moon Spiral Heart Attack ムーンスパイラル・ハートアタック Tsuki ni kawatte oshioki yo! (In the name of the moon, I will punish you). Here you can hear ...