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Character: Ranka Lee

Action Figure Collection Limited Ranka Lee

Megatrea shop exclusive, limited to 700 pieces. Ai-kun and Oosanshouuo-san figures included.

Action Figure Collection Limited Ranka Lee Stage Isho Ver.

Hobby Japan mail order exclusive. Bonus: carrot outfit.

DDS Ranka Lee

Preorder Project 2015 Pre-orders tentatively scheduled for November 2014 Eyes: Ranka Lee Original Style metallic eyes, 22mm Body: DDS Base body, Normal skin, S bust

Ranka Lee Shifuku

For DD, 60cm Obitsu.

Ranka no Isho Set (Musume Musume Seifuku)

Nyan Nyan Uniform. DDS(S/M), DD(S/M). For DDS Ranka Lee. Includes: Hair Ribbon / Apron / Chinese Dress / Socks / Shoes.

Ranka no Isho Set (Seikan Hiko)

Interstellar Flight Ver. DDS (SS/S/M Bust), DD (SS/S/M Bust). For DDS Ranka Lee. Includes: Hair Ribbon / Top / Detached Sleeves / Skirt / Waist Ribbon / Petticoat / Wrist Ribbon / Thigh-high Socks / Shoes / Ribbon for Microphone / Microphone.

Raspberry Candy

Doll clothes. For DDS Ranka Lee. Size: DD (S,M), DDS (S,M). Edition: Dolls Party Kyoto 13. Sheryl & Ranka Costume Popularity Vote winner. Includes: Mini Hat, Choker, Top, Arm Accessory, Arm Covers, Skirt, Leg Covers, Boots.