• Mahou Tsukai Chappi o Hanashi
  • Yeolume Ayanami Rei
  • Yeolume Shikinami Asuka Langley
  • PureNeemo Ram
  • Precure Style Cure Coral
  • Precure Style Cure Flamingo
  • Precure Style Cure Summer
  • Precure Style Cure Papaya
  • Pullip Kinomoto Sakura
  • PureNeemo Chino
  • Chibicco Doll Remilia Scarlet
  • DOLPokke Chiisaku Natta Nezuko

Manufact.: Fairy Dust

Cream Lemon Ami Soft Ningyo

Fairy Dust mail order exclusive. The set includes two laminated character cards and a pink shirt for the doll, although she has no shoes. Some promotional materials are also enclosed, among them a Tabidachi-themed notebook and the character designs for th ...