• PureNeemo Ram
  • Precure Style Cure Coral
  • Precure Style Cure Flamingo
  • Precure Style Cure Summer
  • Precure Style Cure Papaya
  • Pullip Kinomoto Sakura
  • PureNeemo Chino
  • Chibicco Doll Remilia Scarlet
  • DOLPokke Chiisaku Natta Nezuko
  • DOLPokke England
  • Shimamura Uzuki Uniform Set
  • DDS Shimamura Uzuki Smile and Treat Ver.

Origin: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R

Adventure Doll Sailor Pluto

The doll was rereleased in 2001.

Bishoujo Senshi na Party Dress

Doll clothes.  Size: for 28cm dolls.


Unlike Sailor Moon Mini Collection Chibiusa, this one has an appropriately sized Key of Space-Time, but Luna P is smaller than it should be. This Chibiusa is notorious for discolouring: it's not only her hair that fades as time passes but also her eyes be ...

Dal Princess Small Lady

Dal D-157. Premium Bandai bonus: Silver Crystal necklace.

Deluxe Adventure Doll Sailor Pluto with Bonus Outfit

The bonus is an extra outfit (ironically the casual clothes worn by Hino Rei).