• PureNeemo Ram
  • Precure Style Cure Coral
  • Precure Style Cure Flamingo
  • Precure Style Cure Summer
  • Precure Style Cure Papaya
  • Pullip Kinomoto Sakura
  • PureNeemo Chino
  • Chibicco Doll Remilia Scarlet
  • DOLPokke Chiisaku Natta Nezuko
  • DOLPokke England
  • Shimamura Uzuki Uniform Set
  • DDS Shimamura Uzuki Smile and Treat Ver.

Kisekae (Fashion Doll)RSS

Jenny, Licca or similar type dolls, usually 1/6, no knee or elbow joints.


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Comet Trasformata Deluxe (1st ver.)

A deluxe set with Rababou plush.

Comet Trasformata Deluxe (2nd ver.)

A deluxe set including Rabapyon plush.

Cream Lemon Ami Soft Ningyo

Fairy Dust mail order exclusive. The set includes two laminated character cards and a pink shirt for the doll, although she has no shoes. Some promotional materials are also enclosed, among them a Tabidachi-themed notebook and the character designs for th ...

Cure Dream

A Korean doll.

Cutey Pose Revue Honey

Legs and arms bend.