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Doll AccessoriesRSS

Doll clothing and various accessories intended for specific character dolls.


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1st OP Live Isho Shimamura Uzuki

Doll clothes. Size: For 60cm dolls, 23cm bust. Edition: Wonder Festival 2016 Winter. Includes: Dress, skirt, shorts, knee socks, gloves, choker, chest ribbons, boots, crown.  

1st OP My First Star

Doll clothes. Size: DD (M), DDS. Edition: Treasure Festa in Ariake 14. Includes: Jacket, pants, skirt, arm cover, knee socks, boots, crown.

Abukuma Kai Ni

Doll clothes. Size; for 60cm doll, 23cm bust. Event: Wonder Festival 2017 Winter. Includes: Outerwear, Skirt, Gloves, Elbow Cover, Ribbon Tie, Boots, Belt, Calf Partial Outfit.  

Across the Stars

Doll clothes. Size: DD, DDS (S,M,L). Event: Dolls Party 36. Includes: Dress, Cape, Gloves, Boots, Belt, Tie x 3 Colours, Hair Ornament x 3 Colours, Watches, Pumpkin Pants.


Doll clothes.  Size: for 60cm dolls. Event: Wonder Festival 2016 Summer. Includes: Jacket, skirt, tie, gloves, belts, knee socks with garter belt, boots, boot outfitting (small).  

Aila Jyrkiäinen

Doll clothes. Size: for 60cm dolls. Edition: Chara Hobby. Includes: Hat, hat pin, collar, dress, tights, gloves, knee high boots.

Aisaka Taiga

Doll clothes. Size: MDD. Edition: Dolls Party 21. Includes: Blouse, jacket, skirt, ribbon.

Aka-Gumi Seifuku

Doll clothes. Red class uniform. Size: DD. Edition: Dolls Party 22.


Doll clothes. Size: DD (S,M,L), DDS, Obitsu 60. Event: Home Town Dolpa Osaka 8. Includes: Kimono, skirt, sash, gloves, breastplate, right hip modeling, back modeling, deck, knee socks, geta.  

Akemi Homura

Doll clothes. Size: Obitsu 50.

Akemi Homura (Mahou Shoujo)

Doll clothes.  Size: DD (M). Event: Wonder Festival 2012.  

Akemi Homura Haregi Ver. Set

Doll clothes. Best clothes version. Size: DD (SS/S/M), DDS. Edition: Wonder Festival 2015 Summer exclusive. Includes: Kimono, undershirt (skirt part only), band, obi, scarf, gloves, tabi socks, headband.

Akemi Homura Kuroi One Piece

Doll clothes. Size: DD (S,M). Edition: Dolls Party 32. Includes: Skirt, cape, katyusha.

Akemi Homura Mahou Shoujo Version Isho

Doll clothes. Size: DD (M), Obitsu 60cm. Includes: Jacket, blouse, skirt, headband, high boots.

Aki Minoriko

Doll clothes. Size: DD (M), DDS, Obitsu 60, 50. Event: Touhou Kouroumu. Includes: Dress, hat, blouse, neck ribbon.

Akihime Sumomo

Doll clothes. Size: DD, 60cm Obitsu. Edition: Wonder Festival 2007 Summer. Includes: Dress, hat, blouse, cape, high boots.


Doll clothes. Size: SD13 Boy. Edition: Dolls Party 16. Includes: T-shirt, flight jacket, pants, tags.

Akitsu Maru

Doll clothes. Size: for 60cm dolls. Edition: Wonder Festival 2016 Winter.


Doll clothes. Size: DD (SS,S,M). Edition: Treasure Festa 15. Includes: Jacket, skirt, knee socks, boots, anchor hair ornament, head outfitting, gloves, thigh frills.


Doll clothes. Size: DD (M), DDS. Edition: Chara Hobby 2015 exclusive. Includes: Underwear, dress, bustier, scarves, gloves, headband, hair ornaments, socks, boots, belt (thigh part).