• PureNeemo Ram
  • Precure Style Cure Coral
  • Precure Style Cure Flamingo
  • Precure Style Cure Summer
  • Precure Style Cure Papaya
  • Pullip Kinomoto Sakura
  • PureNeemo Chino
  • Chibicco Doll Remilia Scarlet
  • DOLPokke Chiisaku Natta Nezuko
  • DOLPokke England
  • Shimamura Uzuki Uniform Set
  • DDS Shimamura Uzuki Smile and Treat Ver.


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Featuring: Saber no Maid Costume Set, Asahina Mikuru Maid IshoSeamless Doll Sansei Muramasa, PureNeemo Kousaka Kirino Maid Fuku Ver., Kotonomiya YukiCharacter Costume Series Molders-ka Maid Dress Set.

This list isn't as diverse as The Complete Guide to Sailor Moon Dolls – primarily because the majority of Doremi releases are similar dolls with slightly different accessories. They are all made by Bandai.
The first season doll lines were made in 1999 and include only three witches.
1999 - Ojamajo Pose (Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko);
             Dress no Ojamajo mini dolls (Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko).
Ojamajo Doremi Sharp introduced new characters, Pop and Hana.
2000 – Sharp Friends (Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, Onpu, Pop, Pretty Hana-chan);
            Sharp Friends Royal Patraine Set (Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, Onpu with their fairies);
            Babu Babu Hana-chan.
A new witch, Asuka Momoko, appears in Motto! Ojamajo Doremi
2001 – Motto Ojamajo Friends (Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, Onpu, Momoko, Hana-chan & Majo Rika);
            Sweet Friends (Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, Onpu, Momoko, Lovely Hana-chan, Cutie Hana-chan);
            Sweet Friend Patissier (Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, Onpu, Momoko);
            Denguri Hana-chan;
            Mogu Mogu Hana-chan (regular and Christmas sets).
The next season, Dokka~ n!, features an older version of Hana. The number of dolls declined.
2002 – Magical Pose (Doremi, Hana-chan);
            Oshare Change Hana-chan.
Another manufacturer, Romando, made two Doremi doll lines:
 2005 – HQCD Doremi ( Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, Onpu, Momoko, Hana-chan);
             2005-toshi Gentei-hin Doremi ( Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, Onpu, Momoko, Hana-chan).
The accessories were Sharp Friends playsets (2000) and various outfits and prams for Hana dolls (2000-2001).
Bandai Europe started releasing Doremi dolls in 2005. Only one doll, Hanna, was a copy of Babu Babu Hana-chan, the rest were either original dolls, like Magica Doremi Parlante, or dolls using Japanese bodies but packed with different accessories and outfits. 
Witchling dolls were produced for the USA, Magica Doremi dolls were released in Italy in co-operation with GiG, Dorémi Magique (2007) were made for other European countries.
Ojamajo Doremi: Magica Doremi Parlante (Doremi);
                             Magica Doremi e i Suoi Amici - 12cm with extra casual outfit (Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko);
                             Dorémi Magique et ses Amies (or Magical Doremi) - 12cm with extra casual outfit (Doremi);
                             Dorémi et ses Amies (or Magical Doremi) - 25cm (Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, Onpu);
                             Witchling – with DVDs and extra casual outfits (Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko);
                            Musical - 25cm (Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko).
Ojamajo Doremi Sharp:  Magica Doremi e i Suoi Amici - 12cm with extra party outfits (Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, Onpu, Pop);
                                         Magica Doremi e le Sue Amiche – 25cm (Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, Onpu);
                                         Magica Doremi Parlante (Doremi);
                                         Magica Doremi Deluxe – similar to Japanese Royal Patraine Set, with Royal Patraine outfits and fairies, but each doll sold individually (Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, Onpu);
                                         Dorémi Magique et ses Amies 12 cm (or Magical Doremi and Friends) - with various extra outfits (Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, Onpu); 
                                         Dorémi et ses Amies (or Magical Doremi) 30cm (Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, Onpu);
                                        Poupee Parlante Dorémi Magique - Royal Patraine version (Doremi).
Motto! Ojamajo Doremi: Magica Doremi e le Sue Amiche 12cm - with extra casual outfits (Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, Onpu, Momoko);
                                         Magica Doremi Parlante (Doremi);
                                         Magica Doremi "Super Streghetta" - 25cm dolls with extra Patissier outfits (Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, Onpu, Momoko);
                                         Magical Doremi Patissier Collection – similar to Japanese Sweet Friends Patissier, but including fairies from Royal Patraine Set ( Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, Onpu, Momoko).
Bandai Doremi playsets were rereleased in Europe as Univers Dorémi Magique series.

Bandai Asia released several big Doremi playsets which included 12cm dolls.


After several attempts to buy at least one Character Model Original Doll, I had to content myself with the first in the line, Kurumi.

P60127 145329

Character Model was a series of resin kits, probably distibuted as a magazine supplement, which occasionally included doll kits. However, the first three dolls didn't have to be assembled.

The Kurumi dolls that I see in the Internet are usually kept sealed in the box, so I decided to unpack this one.

P60127 134637

 P60127 134655

P60127 134739

The doll has a standard Super Action Jenny body. The boots are too massive and loose for her small feet.

P60127 141638

P60127 141610

I like Kurumi's beautiful blue eyes and her 90's looks.

P60127 142002

Maybe the hairline is too bright, but it looks neat.

P60127 142052

The contents of the box are a typical SAJ stand, plastic gloves, arm warmers (or, rather, sleeves) and... a bucket?!

P60127 142211

P60127 142219

P60127 142225

P60127 142249

Here is what Kurumi looks like when she wears the accessories.

P60127 143252

As for the bucket, it is, in fact, a maid headband! You have to cut it out from this piece of plastic, so at least one DIY element is present.  

P60127 143347

P60127 144056

P60127 144613

It doesn't look very convincing on her head (and can't be secured properly).

P60127 144726

In general, Kurumi is a very good-looking doll, but there is nothing special about her, as she is basically similar to any other Takara poseable doll.

P60127 144930

P60127 145439

P60127 145159



Hima Matsuri (雛祭り), also known as Dolls Festival or Girls' Day, is celebrated on March 3, when families display traditional dolls wearing court dress.


Featuring: Kimono Peko-chan Ningyo Haru no Mai, Peko-chan Poko-chan Tachisugata Hina, Peko-chan Poko-chan Hina Ningyo Fujiya 100 Shunenkinen, Peko-chan Poko-chan Hina Ningyo Genji Monogatari, Peko-chan Hina Ningyo, Kimono Peko-chan Ningyo Oka Ranman.