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Here I go again, buying yet another Character Model Original Doll and reviewing it. I already have an Angel Dust/Neo doll kit, but I wasn't particularly happy about it, as you can read here. This time I bought a different character of the same manga, Musia. I was initially planning to get her instead of Marino but just couldn't find her.


Just like Marino, this doll came unassembed as a gift to the Character Model magazine subscribers. She also has a Elegant Collection Body by Volks (although a shorter one, 22 cm tall) and a cast head which is proportional but a bit too heavy with all this plastic hair. The face colour doesn't match the skin (again).








Musia can boast three detailed costumes. Note that the name on her back is spelt as Mucia. The plastic ribbons are attached with pegs but they are loose and won't stay in their places.


The second dress is actually an apron, and it makes the whole thing look absolutely hentai. 



Musia's Emulate outfit definitely has a Magical Girl feel about it, and, unfortunately, it is coincidentally made of the same dreaded crumbling fabric as Card Captor Sakura's second costume. The boots, for a reason unknown, are made of two parts each, and they tend to fall apart all the time. However, the doll looks quite impressive in this outfit.



Basically, out of all four Character Model dolls that I have, Musia has the best quality but still shares the same flaws, such as mismatching skin and unsteady parts of the outfits. 




It's ironic that I bought this American doll from a Japanese shop. She is known as Dana Sterling to US audience, but actually this character is a hybrid of Komilia (Macross) and Jeanne Fránçaix (Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross). The doll itself is a sort of a hybrid, too, being a double re-release of Dana Sterling by Matchbox and Robotech Flight Uniform. I chose to buy this Harmony Gold variant, because the original doll was wearing a pink dress which made her look very generic, almost Barbie-like. 

The box is the same for both editions with the exception of the product image on the back. There were two things that grabbed my attention: first, how hilariously bad the artwork is, and second, that the original flight outfit had embroideries while the re-release has a simplified look.




I absolutely loathe the fabric of her costume. I have a Card Captor Sakura outfit made of the same stuff, and it's ready to disintegrate anytime I touch it! This one is flaking, too. It's the only and last time I undress her.


Her back says Harmony Gold. Now I wish I could get the original release, too - does it say matchbox, I wonder? Did they change the body?

DSC_0079 (1).JPG

The only thing I can say now is that it's a typical fashion doll body with bending knees, although she has an interesting feature that the original had, too: if you raise her arm, she will move her head a little. Other dolls in the line could do it as well.


Her boots are less elegant than those shown on the product image, but her feet are nicely sculpted.


There are plenty of accessories in the box, including futuristic brush and comb.

DSC_0080 (2).JPG

The main highlights are a gun, a headset and two bracelets (never again, they literally ruin the sleeves).

DSC_0081 (1).JPG


She doesn't exactly have an anime face and she looks older than the prototype, but, all in all, she is quite a good-looking doll. Did you notice that I say "she" all the time? I really don't know what to call her, Dana or Jeanne. The site I bought her from listed her as both.

DSC_0083 (1).JPG


Today I'm going to make a quick comparison of the earliest and the most recent Pretty Cure dolls, Cure White and Cure Milky. Both were made by Bandai, but there is almost a 15-year difference between them.

DSC 0079

Of all the newer Precure Style dolls I chose Milky because her design seems to be a hit. She might even become a sought-after doll in the future as she sells fast, but who knows? However, it's easy to notice that her quality is lower than that of White, and the pattern on her dress is printed - that's what Mattel does now with cheaper Barbie dolls. Apart from that, Milky sports some nice details, with a special mention of "antennae" which make her resemble the rare PallaPalla doll

DSC 0080 1

DSC 0081

The bodies are different. I didn't follow the Precure Style evolution and I can't say when it was changed, but Milky is a little taller and her knees seem to bend better. 

DSC 0086

Milky's face has no mouth. Well, it has, but it's painted on a smooth surface, which makes her look slightly disturbing. 


My verdict is that Milky is a cheaper doll, but the character design is definitely her advantage. 

DSC 0083


I seem to have totally forgotten that I already own a Character Model Original Doll and that I've even reviewed one. However, Hikaru has always held a special place in my heart. I love dolls that are 1/1.


This Hikaru doll could be a part of Misaki's cosplay. She is 29cm tall, based on SAJ body.




All Character Model Original Dolls seem to involve a DIY element, and, as you see on the back of the box, there's a lot for me to do!



I didn't realise at first that I have to cut plastic tubes in order to put them on Hikaru's wrists - otherwise the boxing gloves are too loose. The deformed ring below is the headgear, but you have to make holes in it to attach the red cord decoration. I'm not sure if I was right when I cut off the little black protruding elements, anyway, that made my task much easier.




After assembling, Hikaru looks like this.



I have a feeling that the headgear should be partly hidden under her hair. Unfortunately, the "wings" won't stay apart and they resemble horns.


Frankly speaking, I don't like her face, it's quite different from her original design. Bicoloured eyes look interesting though.


Now she's ready to fight!




 20181009 190348

At last I got her! This 1989 Elilin doll is a desired item and she is difficult to find, especially in a good condition. She represents  the eponymous character of Idol Densetsu Eriko - and, at the same time, the real singer Tamura Eriko.

 20181009 190639

Mandarake attributes this doll to Agatsuma, a toy company; however, the box only says Pinocchio. The doll was available in three oufits; the yellow one is Eriko's signature look, and while I've occasionally seen the pink one, I can't remember the blue dress in the show.

DSC 0312

 20181009 190441

 20181009 190045

 20181009 190408

Her head and her upper and lower body parts are made of different kinds of vinyl - at least, now they are all different in colour due to ageing. Her knees and elbows don't bend.

 20181009 190329

The box is torn inside, because the accessories were attached to it and the previous owner tried too hard to unattach them. The accessories, apart from a doll stand and shoes, are: a casket, a star-shaped wand, a mike and a mike stand. Eriko can hold these objects in her hands and use the mike stand to recreate stage scenes.

 20181009 190422

DSC 0320

 20181009 190315

 20181009 190300

The doll is more or less compatible in size with the series of magical girls by Bandai (1 cm shorter, actually).

 20181009 190238

 20181009 185920

The doll itself might not be top quality, but she is rare, and it's a real treat to have her in one's collection. 

 20181009 190224