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As stated in the headline, this is only going to be a short review - for several reasons. First, I'm not opening the package this time. Second, it's a pretty popular set so lots of people are already familiar with it. Third, my camera sucks, and I actually think this is enough to cancel a bigger review.

So, at last I was able to lay my hands on Sailor Moon Fashion Playset titled Serena's Bedroom. This is the first edition made by Bandai America (later it was released by Irwin). There were two sets in the Fashion Playset line, the second being Dream Castle. Both include a 6" (15cm) doll, although it is stated on the package that dolls are sold separately.

IMG 20170319 074434

IMG 20170319 074555

The cardboard is designed to recreate Usagi's bedroom. It should be folded in the middle and secured with plastic stands which you can see next to the bed. The bed itself is plastic, while the pillow and the duvet are made of cotton fabric. I didn't assemble the set because it's a very far cry from Usagi's room as we see it in the anime. 

The duvet is a copy of the one we see in the original series, it's lavender with the distinctive crescent/star/bunny pattern. Although it has never been removed from the package, the duvet is all crimpled (hmm)... The pillow is yellow instead of white, but it's manga design, you can see it like this in Sailor Moon Crystal.

Original series:


Sailor Moon Crystal:


The playset:

IMG 20170319 074501

As for the rest of the room... I'll simply show you what it should look like, and then what it actually looks like.

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IMG 20170319 074533

It tries to be as correct as possible, with the same number of shelves and the same details such as the blue trunk on the right or the bookends on the left, but the style is so pathetically off! My personal favourite is Luna, of course. Not that the artist was totally unable to reproduce manga style, as we can see a decent and recognisable Usagi's portrait on the wall. It's just that for some reason they preferred to give the room a more traditional cartoonish look. Another unreasonable alteration is the disappearance of the chicken alarm clock.

Now to the doll itself. The back of the package shows promotional images of the two Sailor Moon Fashion Playsets. If you look at them carefully you might notice that the dolls in the pictures are Sailor Moon 6" dolls wearing gloves and boots!

IMG 20170319 074628

Thanks to these pictures, WikiMoon still claims that both dolls in the sets are incorrect. In fact, they were never manufactured like this. The dolls in the Fashion Playsets are rather Princess Serena dolls, made with bare feet and no gloves painted on. The only mistake is that Usagi is wearing red Sailor Moon hairpins in her odangos instead of pink ribbons.

The doll is one of the infamous "Ugly Face" Adventure Dolls, my only one in this doll line. Well, she doesn't look that awful - at least until you start comparing her to the original character design. I'd say she matches her surroundings. Her pajamas are similar to those Usagi wears in the first anime series, but here they have a paw pattern. 

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IMG 20170319 074522

Overall, I can't say it was a disappointment because I had so much fun comparing the set to the original designs. Still, it's a pity that this set leaves so much to be desired when put next to Tsukino Usagi no O-heya Set (if you've read my review here, you know how accurate it is).

IMG 20170303 154724

 Today I have come into possession of another lovely Sailor Moon doll (looks like I'm only buying SM now). This doll belongs to Sailor Moon World series, which means it's attributed to Sera Myu universe. (Just in case you didn't know, Sera Myu is the short name for musicals staged in Japan). The title is Sailor Moon Collection 1, but no 2 or 3 were released, with the exception of a deluxe set. This Sailor Moon doll is rather expensive in the aftermarket, so I only managed to get her because her box was badly dented and squeezed.

BTW, there are two box types (made in 1999 and 2001) with pictures of two different actresses playing Sailor Moon. Mine has Hara Fumina, while the second variant might feature Kuroki Marina. I'm not sure though. Another thing to be mentioned is that the doll wears her Eternal outfit, but the front image on my box is that of Super Sailor Moon, which was corrected for the second type of the box.

IMG 20170303 160537

 That's what the doll looks like inside the box. You may notice that Sera Myu version of her sailor fuku has some differences from the anime uniform. The glossy parts will fade with time, unfortunately, I've seen this happening to other dolls.

IMG 20170303 160556

 The Eternal Rod, the tiara and gloves are packed separately.

IMG 20170303 160613

 Plastic rings keep the doll's hair straight and smooth - not for long, because I will release her from the box.

IMG 20170303 160647

 There are two character cards inside, Super Sailor Moon (why?) and Hara Fumina.

IMG 20170303 160703

Inside the box I found a kind of a handbill of Kaguya Shima Densetsu (Kaiteiban) Natsuyasumi! Houseki Tankentai, 1999 Sera Myu musical.

IMG 20170303 160630

The doll is out of her box, dirty with time but still shiny!

IMG 20170303 160719

IMG 20170303 160834

IMG 20170303 160737

IMG 20170303 160817

Still, the odangos are made of buttons, as usual.

IMG 20170303 160800

The doll itself is basic, with none of her limbs bending. Her body is hollow.

IMG 20170303 160907

 This is her outfit when taken off.

IMG 20170303 160851

IMG 20170303 155921

 Eternal Sailor Moon in all her regalia.

IMG 20170303 160926

 It took me a long time to hunt this doll down, so I'm really happy to own her. Even if her body is far from being perfect, her outfit is bright and detailed. Anyway, there aren't so many Sera Myu dolls! Doesn't that make her precious?