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Anime maids are so pretty...even if they're blue!

Featuring: Mew Mew Mina, PureNeemo Sonoda Umi, PureNeemo Izayoi Sakuya, Andromaid Zero, UFS Saginomiya ShikoUFS Alice.

Today the entries are all about megane... you don't know what megane is? Glasses!  眼鏡  [megane] (⌐▨_▨)



Featuring: Ojamajo Pose Fujiwara Hazuki, Chara Doll Selection Hououji Fuu, Hiramatsu Kazuhiro, PureNeemo Yamanaka Sawako, HAF Akemi Homura Megane Ver., VCD Obotchaman.

2014 was a good year for me: I got a lot of rare dolls... and well, I started this site ;) I also decided to depart from my rule of buying vintage only, so I tried three newer lines: Liccarize, Pullip and PureNeemo.


It's Kinomoto Sakura School Uniform Ver. Most Sakura fans ordered Opening Costume Ver., but I disliked her mouth from the start. It looks like a fresh wound IMHO. For some reason, mouth is the weak spot of all new Sakura dolls and PVC figures, it is always off!

In School Uniform Ver., the mouth is also a bit disappointing. In promo pictures it looked like a faint smile, but in reality it's slightly disturbing when you look into Sakura's face. The face itself is very pale, wide and flat, and seeing a thin straight line instead of a mouth adds to the uncomfortable feeling. 

Yet miracles happen when you see the doll from different angles. Then you understand that both the face and the mouth are exactly what is needed for a truthful rendition of the character. You can imagine that she is smiling, frowning, sad or hopeful - her facial expression lets you do so.

As for poseability... well, I already have a Jenny doll, so I wasn't too surprised to see how Sakura's legs and arms bend. They're wired, but not the way a Barbie doll is wired. They make a curved angle when bent, and the "elbow" part flattens. Newer Licca dolls share this feature, but I yet have to get my first Licca...

Verdict: not exactly what I expected, but still nice. Planning to write a comparison review featuring her and older Sakura dolls.



Shinku Regular Ver. This time it was the opposite, my expectations were much lower. I got a second-hand Shinku at Mandarake because "I simply needed at least one Pullip in my collection". Of course, if you have to write about Pullips you'd better understand what exactly you're writing about, but I avoided buying them for a long time because they seemed so deformed! Yet there was something so charming in the way this Shinku was looking out of her box that I didn't resist for a long time.

I have to say I don't regret about getting her. Actually, I even consider her to be one of my prettiest dolls. Of course, her body is pathetically thin and small compared to her head, but her face is so delicate and her long heavy hair is so gorgeous that you willingly forget about the disproportion and even start to appreciate it.

I'm worried about the fabric of her dress, it seems too thin to me, but time will show if it's durable enough. I'm also not sure if her eyes work properly, they can't stay closed, but as far as I understand this is common for older Pullips (she dates back to 2006). I think I'll get a Pullip with new eye chips as soon as the rouble stabilizes and see how different they are.

Verdict: much better than I thought! Planning to write a comparison review about her and Tokuma Shoten Shinku.



Akaza Akari. I'd seen PureNeemo dolls before in a local anime shop and each time I thought, "God, what a mess of hair!" They all had awfuly sloppy haircuts, longer than they should be, with uneven fringes. I chose the PureNeemo I would like to have, a Yuru Yuri character (I might have as well bought Kyoko), but I knew from the start I would have to crop her hair.

Indeed, when I got her she looked like a schoolchild after summer vacations. At first I thought she didn't resemble her prototype, but cutting her hair did wonders.

She's not the only doll that has her hair pieces attached with pins. My UFS Asuka's hairpins are like that. Akari has elaborate odangos, and you have to pierce her poor head to make them stay in their places.

I like the PureNeemo body a lot, it looks pleasantly natural, probably the best doll body type I've seen. On the other hand, PureNeemo painted mouths have never impressed me, and, once again, to see the doll's true facial expression, you have to cut cut cut.

Verdict: basically good, but I wouldn't rush to buy another PureNeemo. Probably the first one, Petoko, but she's not easy to spot. I'd also try a 27cm doll to see if the body is as good as 23cm one!




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For pure aesthetic purposes, I decided to make the last six entries featuring maids. Maids wearing orange! 

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Probably Haruna's colour is darker than orange... but I hope everyone fits in!


Actually, sometimes (very often) the thumbnails appear in the wrong order or don't appear at all. So I'm glad it looks right this time!   へ(゜∇、°)へ  (crazy)

Featuring: PureNeemo Koizumi Hanayo, Marin-chan, UFS Daikuji Ayu, HAF Yuki Haruna, Elegant Collection Fong Pudding.