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Today I received my first-ever Licca-chan doll! Before that I only bought some Licca clothes for my other dolls. I was reluctant whether to get Kumamon Licca - for the glory of Satan, of course...

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Hmm, I WILL buy her, it's so hard to resist the meme. But another temptation was even stronger - I got PriPara Lala Licca. This is the one that has a special ticket to unlock Licca's iconic dress in PriPara game, but I'm not going to play it, so I bought her for her looks. She's such an eye candy... or rather a cream cake.

Licca dolls have always resembled Jenny to me  - no surprise, they're both made by Takara. However, when I put them next to each other I also thought of differences.


Licca's face is more round and not so anime-like compared to Jenny's. Her proportions are somewhat funny, too.


Licca looks like a very shortened version of Jenny. You see that her chest is also heart-shaped but the waist ends where Jenny's waist only starts. Surprisingly for a preteen, young Miss Licca Kayama can boast almost the same bust size as Jenny. They also share the same shoe size, although Licca's legs are shorter. Speaking of legs and arms... I really dislike the way they bend. Look like spaghetti.

I have a Liccarize Sakura who seems a closer relative. Liccarize dolls are supposed to have regular Licca bodies...


...but in fact Liccarize have more neat wiring and shoulder joints. Anyway, if you compare their skin tones, PriPara Licca beats Sakura easily.

I decided to compare my new Licca to Fairy Shiron, who has Charmy Twin doll characteristics and thus can be viewed as Licca's rival. (Of course we know that in the end it was Licca who won the market).


Not much difference, if you ask me. The same wired spaghetti elbows, very similar faces; no surprise I used to confuse Bandai fashion dolls with Licca. Hands by Bandai are better than those by Takara, that's true.

I thought there was no sense putting Licca next to more or less realistic dolls such as Barbie and her family, but she looks fine together with another Mattel character, the grotesque Malucia:


Could be onstage rivals, I guess.

Overall, I'm satisfied with my purchase. Licca is gorgeous in Lala dress, and both her hair and her face are a pure pleasure to look at. There are a few traps you should beware when getting a Licca doll, of which the main is that her wardrobe is all ribbons, and those don't get on well with velcro on the back. The protective clear plastic on her head gets into such a close interaction with her hair accessories that it's easy to cut them off while removing the said plastic  - which I unfortunately did. If this Licca is destined to be a collector's item, she will be safe in her box, but if a child decides to play with her... God have mercy on her pretty clothes.



I think I found her, the mystery girl from the previous blog entry.


Isn't that the same face? Thanks to a Japanese blogger who wrote a post about this head. Yes, in this case it's only a head for makeup and hairdressing fun:


...looking like John the Baptist's head on Salome's dish...

Her name is カーラちゃん - at first I thought it was either Carla or Kara. But then I came across another styling set:

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CURLA! For God's sake, it's CURLA! And yes, the image on the hairpin that was shown in my previous article is really her, there's the same face on this box.

Sooo, my doll is not exactly an anime character doll, but at least she's a recurring character in Popy doll line.

My investigation is over, time to get some rest... and play with Curla-chan ( ◜◡‾) 乂(^-^*)☆





This Popy doll was listed at Yahoo!Japan auctions as Candy Candy - with a question mark, because the seller wasn't sure about her origins. Neither was I. Her eyes, her hands and her size are different from Candy dolls. I browsed and browsed and never managed to find out who she was, so I concluded that she could be just a nameless generic dakiningyo. At least Sekiguchi made tons of those and didn't bother to make character dolls. (I really should write a feature on dakiningyo...)

Well, today I went to Yahoo!Japan again, and guess who I saw?


The same girl, this time with a vinyl body! 

Now I believe she IS a character, only I can't find out who exactly. The vinyl one has this in her hair, but it might be unrelated to her:


How I wish I could establish her origins one day!