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Hina Matsuri (雛祭り) is the Doll Festival, also called Girls' Day, and it's celebrated today! Hina dolls representing the Emperor, Empress, attendants and musicians are displayed on a special platform. It's the day to wish good health and future happiness to all girls in your family!

free illustration hinamatsuri 07

Featuring: Sailor Moon Hina Kazari Set.


20090311 02 01

Midori no Hibi, or Midori Days, tells the story of Seiji, a schoolboy whose hand mysteriously transforms into a miniature girl called Midori. Those who see them together believe that Midori is a puppet - a twist which offers fantastic opportunities to doll makers, don't you think?

Only the "real life" Midori is a peg puppet instead of a hand puppet. CM's Corporation produced as many as six variations of this 30cm doll -  with three facial expressions and five outfits - whose body ends with a handle. 

Well, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start with unpacking.

P50302 214855

Only the Full Version (the one intended for mass production) had a proper figure box, while limited variants were released in plain boxes. 

P50302 221809

The doll is inside a blister pack. What you see on the right are her base and the handle adapter that can be plugged into the base allowing to display the doll. You must be already curious about the handle, so here it is:

P50302 215054

Looks a bit strange, I have to admit. Yet if you hold it, Midori will look as if she has replaced your hand, like she did in the story:

P50302 215121

This version seems to be very rare and obscure.  It was probably first displayed at Tokyo Character Show in 2004. Most of Midori dolls have extra outfits, but this one doesn't; instead she's wearing a two-layer velvet dress which you can see in Episode 9 of the anime:


Unfortunately, CM didn't change her hairstyle...

As a rule, I don't undress my dolls, not even PureNeemo. I prefer them to stay intact. This time, I'm breaking my own law to make the review worth reading. Do you feel the gravity of my sacrifice?

P50302 215841

So I'm taking Midori's velvet dress off. This layer is made of light pink polyester cotton. 

P50302 215914

The velvet layer has left some nasty red crumbs on the dress and stains on the skin.

The final step! Take your kids away from the screen! 

P50302 220016

I warned you! Midori's body is small but incredibly realistic. It's good she lacks the lower part, hehe...

My verdict: a cute and rare doll obviously planned and made with love. I'm looking forward to adding all her variations to the database!

P50302 215354



Sumire (菫) means violet in Japanese. Although they say that roses are red and violets are blue, violets are, well... violet!


Featuring: N-cha Arale-chan, Segawa Onpu, HAF Nagato Yuki, Kagami Mira, Yae Kaori, UFS Al Azif.


Our 1000th doll is...