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I've recently noticed a certain pattern in my reviews: The older a doll, the more extatic I get. So, this time I'm almost in love with this 1981 Italian Becky doll! She is none other than Becky Thatcher, the famous character of Tom Sawyer book and anime series.


Dolls inspired by this series were exclusive to the Italian manufacturer Furga. You can find all variations of Tom doll at eBay, Huck dolls are not so frequent, but this Becky doll is a rarity. Some collectors even question her very existence, but here she is, 45cm tall and gorgeous!

IMG 20180112 141039

All Furga anime-based dolls were sold in colourful boxes with flaps showing the main characters as well as some familiar environments. Here we can see a Mississippi steamboat, Tom's school, Huck, Tom and Becky.

IMG 20180112 141318

IMG 20180112 141512

IMG 20180112 141607

Here is the doll. As I said before, she is 45cm tall, and there is a chance that a mini Becky doll was released, too, because other Tom Sawyer no Bouken dolls have variations in size. Becky looks somewhat similar to Furga's Anne of Green Gables. I don't own this Anne doll yet, so I can't claim they have the same mold, but as for the bodies, I think they share the same type.

IMG 20180112 142036

IMG 20180112 142105

There is Furga logo on the back of her head.

IMG 20180112 142211

Yarn hair! (You'd better not undo it). It should have been ginger rather than yellow, though.

IMG 20180112 142258

My first reaction to Becky was, "Yuk, she's squinting!" But somehow she is quite photogenic, and her design is very Alice-In-Wonderland-ish. 

IMG 20180112 142043

IMG 20180112 143106

IMG 20180112 143154

Maybe because of her blue dress and her pinafore? I still wonder whether it used to be white or not. Both pieces are made of a peculiar fabric with a waffle-like feel, only the pinafore is starched. The shoes are plastic, with the right one easy to tell from the left one, and there are kneesocks instead of stockings.

IMG 20180112 142447

The body is that of a traditional vinyl doll, with not many options for posing.

IMG 20180112 142617

IMG 20180112 142640

Unlike her solid plastic legs, Becky's arms are soft and hollow, and I really like the way her hands are sculptured.

IMG 20180112 142723

IMG 20180112 143237

Cloud Nine reporting. I am genuinely happy I have this rare doll, and I don't regret the money I paid to get her. She was worth every cent, and something more.

IMG 20180112 143148


This dear little Arale by Popy dates back to 1981. She is a 15cm tall mechanical doll that is able to raise her right hand when you press a button on her tummy. She doesn't say her "N-cha!" catchphrase, but at least she performs the action! Due to the fact that her tiny body conceals a mechanism, this Arale is pretty heavy. However, she's well-balanced and can stand on her own. Her clothes come as a one piece, with the exception of plastic sneakers and the Arale cap. Different versions of this doll have different accessories, mine has got a sports bag and two rackets (for whom, I wonder?) The box itself is typical for all Arale dolls by Popy, whith a very clever design. It looks as if it was made of wooden planks, with a window for the doll's head and with a "blueprint" on the reverse side, which seems to be an appropriate design for a robot character.  I must also add that this Arale has saran hair which is fading and partly changing its colour from purple to greenish. Anyway, this doll is a good representation of the character, and her funny facial expression was an inspiration for many doll manuacturers in the 80's.

IMG 20180108 134732

 IMG 20180108 134746

IMG 20180108 134829

IMG 20180108 134905

IMG 20180108 135030

IMG 20180108 135829

IMG 20180108 135846

IMG 20180108 135903

IMG 20180108 135928

IMG 20180108 135951

IMG 20180108 140012

IMG 20180108 140035

IMG 20171208 091848

Dejiko and Puchiko, or rather Di Gi Charat and Petit Charat, are two 5th Anniversary dolls made by Takara in 2004. They have vinyl heads and limbs and stuffed bodies. The box designs are similar, but the sizes are very different, as Puchiko is supposed to be a sitting doll. On the back of each box there is a manga image of each character, while the sides of the boxes have the pictures of the actual dolls.

IMG 20171208 091132

IMG 20171208 091913

The accessories are few, just a comb for Dejiko and a brush for Puchiko, but, as a supplement, they both have  character cards signed by Koge-Donbo, Di Gi Charat creator.  The signature is a faximile, though.

IMG 20171208 091310

I decided to keep Dejiko boxed, but Puchiko arrived unpacked, so she will be the one to get undressed and examined. First, some pictures of Dejiko. This green-haired catgirl is wearing a silky maid dress. Her cat outfit includes gloves, boots and a hat, and her tail is attached to the back of her dress. The soft giant bells in her hair don't jingle, but the metal one does. 

IMG 20171208 091232

IMG 20171208 091332

IMG 20171208 091449

IMG 20171208 091555

Now to Puchiko. I was able to undress her so that you could see her stuffed body. Puchiko's dress is simpler than Dejiko's. There are also cat elements in her outfit, and her metal bells in her ponytails can jingle, too. Actually, when I moved the boxes, they both made the sound of a tambourine.

IMG 20171208 092013

IMG 20171208 092156

IMG 20171208 092425

IMG 20171208 092457

IMG 20171208 092335

IMG 20171208 092232

I wouldn't say these dolls are very rare or expensive in the aftermarket, but they are both really good as representatives of kawaii style.

Frankly speaking, I'm not a big fan of Liccarize line by Takara Tomy, and I already have four Kinomoto Sakura dolls, but here it is, the Platinum Costume version. The temptation was still too strong for me. In case you don't know, Platinum is the third opening in Card Captor Sakura series.

Cardcaptor Sakura psd78968

I didn't expect the box to be so big. Its window reveals te contents of the set, such as the stand and the Star Wand. No Kero-chan this time, though.

IMG 20171104 094204

 The back of the box is pink, with a feather pattern.

IMG 20171104 094217

 I'm starting the unpacking. As you probably remember, the basis for all Liccarize dolls is a standard Licca body and an original head.

IMG 20171104 162742

 The mold is slightly different from other Liccarize Sakura dolls: this one is smiling (mouth closed), and her chin is more pointed.

IMG 20171104 163317

 You have to attach the bows yourself. I made them hang loosely, as it seems impossible to wrap the elastic bands around her pigtails too many times. But, after all, they look almost OK like this.

IMG 20171104 163615

 IMG 20171104 163914

 Rear view. The ribbon on her left knee is secured on her kneesock!

IMG 20171104 163944

 Sakura's dress is made of polyester, but the lace is cotton.

IMG 20171104 163459

 The petticoats and the bloomers are bound with a thread.

IMG 20171104 163413

 The shoes are made of soft vinyl, and it's nice to see that the stars on them are molded separately, but the painting has minor defects and the design doesn't strictly match the star on Sakura's choker.

IMG 20171104 163121

 The Star Wand is big and looks really good. What a pity the doll can't hold it, because her fingers don't bend.

IMG 20171104 164120

 The pattern on Sakura's stand. By the way, you'll have to use scissors to take the stand out of the box. 

IMG 20171104 165028

 All dressed up. These are the doll's posing options which are standard for Licca body: the knees and the elbows are wired, but don't expect wonders. She won't even kneel properly.

IMG 20171104 164628

 This is the new Liccarize Sakura as compared with an older Free Pose Selection Sakura by Bandai. (To tell you the truth, the Bandai doll in the picture is actually the school uniform version wearing the Platinum costume that used to belong to another Free Pose Selection Sakura). You can easily see that the fabrics and the dress designs are different, and I have to admit the older version is closer to the original, while the newer one is more pleasant aesthetically.

IMG 20171104 164046

 I've also compared her to another Liccarize Sakura I have.

IMG 20171104 164231

 With its Liccarize Sakura dolls, Takara Tomy is doing exactly the same thing Bandai did before. Like all the Free Pose Selection Sakuras, these new ones also vary in facial expressions and eye shapes. See, the Platinum Sakura is smiling, her eyes are round and have stripes on the iris, while the School Uniform Sakura's mouth is a straight line and her eyes are notably wider. The Bandai dolls had these differences, too.

IMG 20171104 164408

 Maybe this Sakura wasn't the most necessary acquisition, but a nice one for sure!  

IMG 20171104 165458



Vispo might refer to her as Asukadoll, Asuka Doll or simply Asuka, but I'd call her The Most Gorgeous BJD Ever.

I bought her second-hand from the Jungle shop. They were selling her in A condition, however, after I had already paid they warned me she had loose strings. Yes, they are a bit loose, and she also had a broken finger. Other owners say that her hands are very fragile and I have to agree. When I was trying to fix it, I had a glue accident, glueing my own fingers to three layers of bedding :)

IMG 20170728 122340

 The box has a festival exclusive feel about it, if you know what I mean. A plain box with stickers, the best one being this:

IMG 20170728 122445

 Inside there is a card with the doll's image and a manual.

IMG 20170728 122532

IMG 20170728 122628

 The doll is safe between two blankets and wearing a "helmet". Her body is quite realistic and it's a real shame that her loose strings make her legs and feet twist.

IMG 20170728 122924

IMG 20170728 123114

 An amazing head, very true to Sadamoto Yoshiyuki's design, all edges and angles. 

IMG 20170728 130126

 Vispo also added some spares, the back of the head and two plain eyeballs. (There's no way I'm ever gonna change her eyes...)

IMG 20170728 140320

 The clothes made by Vispo aren't based on any illustrations. The outfit consists of red and grey top and skirt, cuffs, a choker, black kneesocks, two rose-shaped haipins and pants that have the same hilarious image we've seen on the box sticker! The top and the skirt look as if they were made of leather, but the red fabric is actually soft inside and the top has lining, so there's no risk of getting your doll stained after wearing these. My dysfunctional camera shows the ribbon trim colour wrong, it's grey not purple!

IMG 20170728 133400


IMG 20170728 134238

IMG 20170728 133504

 Asuka's shoes were made by Leeke World, a Korean doll company.

IMG 20170728 135246

 The wig was made in Korea, too. It is already done in two twintails with black ribbons. The colour is closer to light brown than orange or red, but it has a nice natural look.

IMG 20170728 133555

 All dressed up.

IMG 20170728 140624

 IMG 20170728 140719

 What a doll!

IMG 20170728 140533

 It goes without saying she's much smaller than a Dollfie, but it also turns out she's shorter than a Hybrid Active Doll. 

IMG 20170728 141522

 The clothes that fit her are those intended for Mini Dollfies (MDD and MSD).

IMG 20170728 172115

 In my opinion, Asuka is the best doll by Vispo and one of the highlights of my collection. I'm really happy and proud to own her.

IMG 20170728 141051