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Another review written by Milady-Alluca. The entry for the doll is here.

Hello and welcome to my review of one of my few grails - the Azone Lacus Clyne Diva Doll~! 

Yesterday I received a grail I honestly never thought I’d get a chance to own. I’ve never bought a doll like this before so getting something I thought was otherwise unobtainable (for price and availability reasons) AND something very new to my collection (my Lacus collection in particular) was incredibly exciting! Lighting in my home was very difficult for an overcast day and I only have my phone camera so I apologize that some pictures will not be very clear - this will be half review and half me fangirling and just trying to show some pictures of this lovely little thing~! A little background on Lacus Clyne, she is the daughter of an affluent political leader of a space colony who at first appears to be a harmless albeit naive princess who is also a beloved idol. Throughout the series of Gundam Seed she proves she is much more through her kind yet brave nature, noble beliefs, and overcoming severe obstacles that threaten her life and finds strength in her friends and her words. 
“Neither will alone nor strength alone will be enough.”
Now on with the review~! 
First we have the box. 
It is plain and brightly colored but does its job keeping her packed safely. 
Elastic bands hold her to the cardboard insert at the neck and waist.
Next, her main clothing components~!
Her clothes are a very soft shiny material and true as they can be to her gorgeous gown from the series. The coat is a particularly nice piece with a little sturdy zipper in the back. Lacus also comes with a pair of ruffled sleeves, pink panties, white heels, her Haro Mr. Pink, her gold double-crescent clip (unpictured - attached by sliding down over her bangs), and her gown. The gown is absolutely lovely with a full pleated skirt. The top part of the dress struggles a bit to fit properly on her chest (which I’ll comment on in a moment) and the dress closes with several snaps.Below is an image of the doll’s body sans clothing. 
There are visible sculpted nipples on her breasts so the image is under a tag for being NSFW.
View spoiler
Lacus’s body is in good condition and has several points of poseable articulation and she can hold poses such as sitting by herself or holding her Haro for extended periods of time. My only complaint with her body is that her breasts are on the larger side and Lacus is not particularly that busty in canon, and the large size plus the sculpted nipples makes the gown look odd across her chest. If she had a smaller bust without the extra sculpted bits, I do believe it would have been a perfect look but it is a very small complaint on my end.
Her feet are very small but solid, and fitting on her shoes is very simple and makes for a snug fit. 
No worries of them falling off!
Dressed in the gown c:
For getting her coat on, there is probably an easier way but I simply wrapped her skirt tight around her legs and inched the coat up her legs, haha. For getting her sleeves on, her hands can be removed carefully. One came out easily, her right hand was a tense few moments of carefully twisting the joint out little by little. I would not recommend removing her sleeves to avoid having to remove her hands when you want to put them back on. 
A neat note, her body is made of a hard plastic, but her hands are a softer plastic so her fingers are not likely to snap when handling. 
Still, be gentle with her delicate hands c:
Lacus is a very lovely character and I believe the style of the show was translated almost as faithfully as it could have been to doll-form. The fully assembled picture is very cute and lovely, and feeling the soft material of her clothes and the thick waves of her hair make for a very delightful experience. Posing her and finding the best place to first set her up in my room made this Lacus-fangirl very happy indeed~!Here are some extra size comparison photos that were really just an excuse to grab up any nearby figures from my nightstand to stick with Miss Lacus >w<
This nendoroid petit looks a little surprised to see such a big person :O
Haru decided to introduce himself and the others to his new neighbor on my nightstand. Minicchu Kaede also makes a cute fit, perhapsMr. Pink may get a bit jealous that Lacus is so friendly with her new little shelf-mates :3
I know dolls aren't the most popular thing here on MFC and my photos are lower tier but I hope the review is informative to other Lacusfans~! I hope to learn to do much better ones in the future. I think I’ll review B-Club’s cold cast Lacus next as that one doesn't have many pictures in the database either!
Now that I have this doll, I wonder if I’ll one day find the courage to save up for putting pieces together for a custom Lacus Clyne Dollfie >w<
Goodbye from a pair of pretty idols~!