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As you know, this site is strictly dedicated to Japanese characters only. The dolls can be made in any country, but the origin should be Japanese. I must admit though I have a couple of dolls based on Chinese anime series in my collection, but I won’t include them in the database.

Then one day I saw THIS. 

20200804 192804

And THIS. 

20200804 192643

And THIS. 

20200804 192716

I think you have already noticed, especially with the last one. 

It's Kinomoto Sakura, only she's now four different characters. Hiba, Siba, Laila. 

And my fave one, Zomorruda. 


One of my friends at MyFigureCollection pointed out that she is actually a combination of Sakura and Tsukimiya Ayu (Kanon) - look at her duffle coat. 

What bugs me is that the doll is realy well-made, with strands of blue in her hair, with neat buttons on her coat, with nicely painted eyes - and yet she's a double, no, a triple knockoff. Why triple? Look. 

20200804 185505 min

 The mold copies one of the most popular anime molds by Giochi Preziosi. The head is smaller than Sailor Moon's by Giochi, so I can't directly compare, but I bet it's almost identical to Pichi Pitch heads which must be around the same size. 

20200804 185615 min

 Zomorruda's boots are a repainted copy of Sailor Jupiter's footwear.

Yet, the box says nothing about Giochi Preziosi, it says Dream World instead, and I have no idea who they are.

Instead, I'll tell you who Zomorruda is.

Several years ago, she was a mascot of Arabian kids channel SpaceToon that shows a lot of good anime series, but Card Captor Sakura wasn’t among them. Probably that's why the creators of the channel decided to take some artistic liberties with Miss Kinomoto. Her segment was - and still is - called Zomorruda, which means emerald, and caters for shoujo audience. 

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I still don't understand how this can exist notwithstanding copyright issues. However, I'm glad I own this truly unique artefact now, and I promise I'll take good care of my new Saku... er, Zomorruda doll. 

And now some singalong fun, to add insult to injury.