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  • Jitabata Chibita
  • Isul Pompompurin
  • Chibicco Doll Cocoa
  • LGC Minky Momo
  • PureNeemo Kuroneko
  • ARC Shirai Yuyu
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When your search request is "PreCure dolls", 50% of what you find is mini figures, and around 30% are customs. Here I will list all the dolls released officially - by Bandai mainly, since PreCure Style is their doll franchise.



2004: Petit Cure Series Mini Cure White, Cure Black, Honoka, Nagisa.

2005: Precure Style Cure White, Cure Black, Shiny Luminous.

         Pretty Charming Dress Doll Cure White, Cure Black, Shiny Luminous.       

2006: Precure Style Cure EgretCure Windy, Cure Bloom, Cure BrightMaiSaki

2013: Oshaberi Fashion Doll Cure Heart (+ Lovely Commune Set), Cure Sword (+Lovely Commune Set).

2018: Precure Style Cure Yell (+Cheerful Style DX), Cure Etoile, Cure Ange (+Cheerful Style DX), Cure Macherie, Cure Amour.

2019: Precure StyleCure Star (+Twinkle Style DX), Cure SoleilCure SeleneCure Milky, Cure Cosmo.

2020: Precure Style Cure Grace, Cure Sparkle, Cure Fontaine, Cure Earth.

Popy: Pretty Mini Doll Cure Bloom and Cure Egret.

Banpresto:  DX Action Doll Cure WhiteCure BlackShiny Luminous.


Non-Bandai releases

Romando: Cure Black, Cure White and cancelled dolls Nagisa and Honoka.

Azone: HAF Cure Black and HAF Cure White.

MegaHouse: AFC Cure Mint, Rouge, Lemonade, DreamAqua.

Youngsilup (Korea): Cure Black (+ Deluxe Ver.) and Cure White. There must be a Deluxe Cure White doll, too.

GiG (Italy): Cure Black, Cure White, NagisaHonoka, Cheeerleader NagisaCheerleader Honoka, Trendy Nagisa, Trendy Honoka.

Unknown Korean manufacturer: Cure Dream.

It's easy to notice that Futari wa Pretty Cure is the season most popular with dollmakers.


Outfits are mostly made by Bandai and released first separately and later with a doll.