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It's ironic that I bought this American doll from a Japanese shop. She is known as Dana Sterling to US audience, but actually this character is a hybrid of Komilia (Macross) and Jeanne Fránçaix (Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross). The doll itself is a sort of a hybrid, too, being a double re-release of Dana Sterling by Matchbox and Robotech Flight Uniform. I chose to buy this Harmony Gold variant, because the original doll was wearing a pink dress which made her look very generic, almost Barbie-like. 

The box is the same for both editions with the exception of the product image on the back. There were two things that grabbed my attention: first, how hilariously bad the artwork is, and second, that the original flight outfit had embroideries while the re-release has a simplified look.




I absolutely loathe the fabric of her costume. I have a Card Captor Sakura outfit made of the same stuff, and it's ready to disintegrate anytime I touch it! This one is flaking, too. It's the only and last time I undress her.


Her back says Harmony Gold. Now I wish I could get the original release, too - does it say matchbox, I wonder? Did they change the body?

DSC_0079 (1).JPG

The only thing I can say now is that it's a typical fashion doll body with bending knees, although she has an interesting feature that the original had, too: if you raise her arm, she will move her head a little. Other dolls in the line could do it as well.


Her boots are less elegant than those shown on the product image, but her feet are nicely sculpted.


There are plenty of accessories in the box, including futuristic brush and comb.

DSC_0080 (2).JPG

The main highlights are a gun, a headset and two bracelets (never again, they literally ruin the sleeves).

DSC_0081 (1).JPG


She doesn't exactly have an anime face and she looks older than the prototype, but, all in all, she is quite a good-looking doll. Did you notice that I say "she" all the time? I really don't know what to call her, Dana or Jeanne. The site I bought her from listed her as both.

DSC_0083 (1).JPG