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Even though I already have a wired doll (see the review here), I have always been eager to get a Kiwidoll made by Kiwi House. This is a doujin manufacturer usually making a limited number of dolls and showing them at festivals and events. Mascot dolls, though, are made in batches and distributed via the commissioner's website. One of the examples is Sunoko-tan (or Sunokotan), a humanised heat exchange radiator. Marudai Corporation, the owner of the mascot, now sells Sunoko-tan Kiwidolls together with other souvenir items. I couldn't buy a doll there, so I got mine from Mandarake.

The box reminds of those used by garage kit circles at Wonder Festival, with a touch of amateurism. At the same time, it also speaks of limited edition. The girl on the box is no other but Sunoko-tan.

P60607 095421


Inside there are lots of bubble wrap and a note from the manufacturer, with the mascot of Kiwi House instead of a signature.

P60607 095620


The doll looks painfully twisted, I hope her neck isn't broken. She is also strangely heavy.

P60607 095717


However, Sunoko-tan turns out to be perfectly fine. I think she has a metal skeleton, hence her weight, and her silicon skin is soft and... well... a bit of jelly-like.

P60607 095921

P60607 095954


She only has one seam on the left side of her body.

P60607 100926


Her head is hard vinyl with a carved mouth and decal eyes.

P60607 095933


I was initially afraid I was going to have hard times with her hair, but, surprisingly, it's not rooted. It must be a wig glued onto her head, which makes me hope she won't be losing her hair.

P60607 100238


The neck is the only place where Sunoko-tan's wiring can be made visible.

P60607 095821


I have to say it works very well: it doesn't let the body bend uncontrollably in unexpected places, but it allows the doll to pose in most natural ways.

P60607 100547


P60607 100740


I suppose she would even be able to cross her arms - an ordeal impossible for most dolls - if it wasn't for her cuffs which are made of plastic or something like polymer clay (as well as her boots, slider and radiator hairpins).

P60607 133024


All these details are neatly made and the clothes are well-sewn. Interestingly, her dress can't be taken off.

P60607 100400


P60607 100834


I've tried to make Sunoko-tan stand on her own but it's very difficult to find the right balance. So I'd say she can't do it. In the picture she's leaning on the window in order to stand.

P60607 101745


Overall, I'm really happy with Sunoko-tan. She is an interesting doll, and her quality is amazing. If I could, I would own more Kiwidolls, but I'm afraid I can't afford them: at Mandarake, they're ¥20,000 each.

P60607 101241