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Even though I already had one Character Model Original Doll (see my review), I was still eager to get one of the Character Model sets where you had to assemble the doll yourself. Additionally, I needed a fully wired doll in my collection. So when I bought Marino I killed two birds with one stone.

I've already written that Character Models was a kind of a magazine supplement series consisting primarily of garage kits. The doll box resembles a GK box a lot... while the contents resemble a GK.

P60331 154223

P60331 154355

P60331 154553

What you get is an Elegant Collection body by Volks, a painted head and two sets of clothes (some Character Models got three of them!) together with a detailed instruction, although it doesn't take a rocket scientist to assemble the doll without a manual.

P60331 154506

P60331 154448

The body is a 27cm wired one, not too smooth but very sticky. It was first released in 2000 and I think it was used for several UFS dolls. At least its smaller variation can be seen on UFS Al Azif. It is called seamless, but I can see the seams very well.

P60331 155229

The head seems to be made of resin and painted with matte acrylic paints. It gives you a feel of an old GK head consisting of three parts (the red part being a hat, I think).

P60331 154943

 I have to admit that the assembled doll doesn't look particularly well - in other words, the head neither fits nor matches the body. It's too small and yellowish.

P60331 155449

 Marino has a nice wardrobe which includes a casual winter outfit and a miko (shrine maiden) garment. Both clothing sets are made by Volks with amazing attention to minute details and neat stitching.

P60331 155055

P60331 160058

P60331 155042

P60331 160654

P60331 161548

For some reason, Marino looks more proportional when she's wearing hakama. The casual clothes reveal that she is awkwardly tall while her head is too small. 

 After this dress-up game I unassembled Marino again. She might not be the best doll, but as a doll kit she is a worthwhile experience for any collector.

P60331 161703