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Sailor Moon collectors know that there are three so-called Nakayoshi Babyface dolls: Chibi Moon, Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon. The oldest, the smallest and probably the easiest to get is Chibi Moon, the one I'm going to review. But she's not the only baby Chibi Moon doll in existence, there is another one made by Igel - which I also have, although her condition leaves much to desire.

Nakayoshi Chibi Moon by Bandai was made in 1994. She comes in a box accompanied by Luna P. She has a stuffed body, so she can't sit properly, but she is able to raise her arms. Her boots are molded and can't be taken off. Chibi Moon's hair shows the signs of discolouration, as it has happened to Chibi Moon fashion dolls; I know that Nakayoshi Super Sailor Chibi Moon's hair is a different shade of pink and doesn't fade with time. The odangos are plastic and rather look like hairpins. Don't even try to undo the twintails, as the doll is practically bald, with a thin layer of hair and a skull painted bright pink.

 P60131 103733

P60131 103754

P60131 103805

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P60131 104151

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P60131 104602

P60131 104024 

P60131 104043


The German Chibi Moon by Igel was released in 1999. She was originally sold in a clear bag, but I got her loose. My doll is also missing a part more important than a package - her fringe, but apart from that she's almost safe and sound. Chibi Moon's boots, gloves and panties are part of the stuffed body, so they can't be removed. The upper part of her sailor fuku is pale pink instead of white, and her brooch is heart-shaped, which is more correct for the manga. By the way, you can notice that it used to be pearly. As I said, she has lost her fringe, but at least her hair isn't discoloured. Instead of odangos, she has something that should imitate both her hair and her hair decorations, but actually looks more like Wedding Peach's bows. She's technically bald, too, but this time her head is painted very pale pink.


P60131 103337

P60131 103351

P60131 104401

P60131 103421

P60131 103409

P60131 103612

P60131 104640

P60131 103441

P60131 103455


Often collectors don't realise that even though the concept is similar, the two dolls differ in terms of size. The facial expressions are not the same as well. The eyes are painted in very different ways, but still correctly, as you can see both variants in the anime.

P60131 104319

P60131 104654

P60131 104419

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