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Charmy Twin

The story of Charmy Twin (チャーミーツイン) is a liitle strange. The first Charmy Twin dolls were made in 1981 by Bandai to rival Licca's growing success. To be precise, it was Remy, the subdivision of Bandai, that was in charge of the line.



Although they are called Charmy Twins, the main two dolls in the line have different surnames and a strikingly different faceup. Misaki Anna is very Licca-like, with big dreamy eyes and highlighted lips. Hidaka Nozomi had paler lips and smaller, round eyes. 

The facial features are mild and soft, the mouth closed, making the impression of a half-smile. This mold was used with a 22cm body, with measurements smaller than Licca's. Some sources claim that Anna had more points of articulation than Nozomi, e.g. Nozomi's head could only rotate but couldn't lean. 

Charmy Twin line never gained Licca or Jenny's popularity, but the heads and bodies were used for Bandai character dolls. Nozomi faceup was considered to be more realistic and was often applied to live-action character dolls.

Charmy Twin ceased to exist around 1990, and later, in 1993, Bandai created a new fashion doll mold for Sailor Moon dolls.