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This doll body is 22cm tall, or 9", hence the name Ninie. 

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IMG 20170725 170718

It was manufactured by C-Works in 2001, in collaboration with Noix de Rome, but there is a possibility that it was a modification of Nini, a doll body presented at 1999 Wonder Festival by Lay-up.

The body has at least two bust sizes and one (natural) body colour. Hips and shoulders are ball-jointed, while elbows and knees are double-hinged. Hands are interchangeable and, as well as feet, are made of softer vinyl. The rest of the body is hard and shiny ABS.

An interesting fact: two different companies made their Serial Experiments Lain dolls on the same Ninie body (see Serial Experiments Lain and Collector's Action Doll Lain).

Ninie line:

001. Nanako (Maid Ver.)

002. Dead or Alive Kasumi

003. Dead or Alive Ayane

004. Nanako (Nurse Ver.)

005. Love Hina Narusegawa Naru

006. Love Hina Maehara Shinobu

007. Love Hina Aoyama Motoko

008. Love Hina Otohime Mutsumi