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Doll Accessories (1082)

Doll clothing and various accessories intended for specific character dolls.

Doll with Limited Poseability (194)

Dolls that are closer to figurines by nature but have some doll elements (rooted hair or fabric clothes).

Kisekae (Fashion Doll) (719)

Jenny, Licca or similar type dolls, usually 1/6, no knee or elbow joints.

Mechanical/Electronic Doll (89)

Dolls with mechanical/electronic movement, sound or light effects.

iroDOLL Matsuno Ichimatsu Hoodie Style

Doll clothes. For iroDOLL Matsuno Ichimatsu.

Osewa Ga Ippai!

This doll drinks water and "cries". 

OriginMama wa Shougaku 4 Nensei