PureNeemo Ray

    PureNeemo Norman

    DD Shielder/Mash Kyrielight

    DD Master/Female Protagonist

    SES Erika Chinen

    SES Erika Chinen S. T. A. N. D. Uniform


May anime gods be pleased with you!

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Featuring: UFS Son Goku, Suzumiya Haruhi Poseable Type, HAF Holo, Sculd, RAH MGM Ultimate Madoka, Belldandy.


Today we can watch a partial solar eclipse, and somehow I thought that eye-patched characters could reflect this idea well!

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Featuring: Movie Masterpiece Captain Harlock, ARC Misaki Mei, PureNeemo Takanashi Rikka, RAH Asuka Jersey Ver., Ryomou Shimei, HAF Laura Bodewig.


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Featuring: RAH Link, PureNeemo Minami Kotori, Sakura Kaedeko, Mew Lettuce, Cure MintHAF Kashiwazaki Sena.


Believe me, My Candy Love is not the only dating sim!

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Featuring: Action Figure Collection Plus Yuzuhara Konomi, UFS Suzumiya Haruka, HAF Asakura Otome, Shirayuki Miho (summer), Sister Princess Doll Collection Karen, Katagiri Ayako.


Our first video is a review on Chum Huau.