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The review and images are published by courtesy of Milady-Alluca. You can see the entry for the doll here.


This Lacus was a lucky steal, as soon as I got her and opened her I was so so pleased. I like the calm and gentle expression on her face, it makes her look very mature!

This also shows Lacus's Captain Kimono(?) from Gundam Seed Destiny

First a few shots of the packaging! 
Like the Azone Lacus, she is held in place with elastic bands at several joints and an interior cardboard insert that helps protect her ponytail as well.

Her body seems to be similar to the Azone Lacus but her hands are a hard plastic. 

She can somewhat balance on her own, though I may need to look into stands in the future to be able to keep her and the other Lacus posed sturdily. The coat is removable.
The shoes I do not believe come off, I do not plan to attempt removing them or her hands. The arm sleeves can come off of her arms and be slid back on, and I believe her arms can separate from her upper arms above the elbow.

The kimono is entirely fabric and apparently removable, but the pink obi(?) is a slightly bendy plastic with a weird hook system in the back I didn't want to mess with lol.

Her arms' range of movement is a little limited and I had to constantly mess with and turn them to pose her properly. The legs/knees pose a little more easily.

Now for some company~! 
You can see despite them all being 1/6 they have some sizing differences and the style differences are fun to compare!

Posing her with just the Atelier Sai Captain Lacus!

Posing her with just the Azone Diva Lacus!

I somehow managed to get this Lacus unopened for 3,000 JPY + shipping and she is SAL-able. I see her on Manda occasionally around the 7,000 JPY mark and I'm not sure I'd have paid that much for her at first. But having her with me now, I might actually say that if you like this design and have the room and money she may be worth it to add to your collection! Now if only I could only get the other AFC Lacus figures...

Warning: this variation of Lady Rin doesn't officially exist. I simply made her wear a Mini Super Dollfie set.

P50615 114330

P50615 114743

P50615 114520


It's a ballroom blitz!


Featuring: Candy Candy Al Ballo, Oshare na Lady Rin Party, Midori no HibiPullip Ririko, Emeraldas 14 Palace Dress, Omocha no Heroine Choco.


Dolls were made for dress-up fun, weren't they?

sailor dolls1002

Featuring: Robotech Flight Uniform, Candy Candy Sweet Fashion, Candy Candy Vestito, Azone Character Costume Series Mori Yuki Costume Set, Costume Kit Okita Juzo, Azone Character Costume Series Sailor Venus Costume Set.

Here they are at last in my collection. Meet Nono (Diebuster) and Haruhara Haruko (FLCL)!

P50611 173342 001

Both are pink-haired, long-legged and futuristically-clad aliens. (Note that GAINAX idea of futuristic style remains virtually unchanged: white scarf, high boots, orange onesie. And goggles, of course).

While the most popular GAINAX creations, Rei and Asuka, got their own personalised dolls (tons of them!), Nono and Haruko dolls were based on already existing fashion dolls, Momoko and Shion respectively. Shion is Takara Jenny's friend, BTW. The molds weren't changed, so we can view them as Momoko and Shion cosplaying anime characters.

P50611 173453

P50611 173536

I'm still in two minds about unpacking them, because they're pretty rare... and because I just hate unpacking doll accessories that can't be properly put back into the boxes! But maybe I'll dare later for the sake of objective reviewing.