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It was easy for me to choose who would be my first Real Action Heroes figure. I have a penchant for frill dresses, and who can be better at making Lolita outfits than Baby the Stars Shine Bright?


This brand has collaborated with many doll makers, modelling clothes for Dollfie Dream, Blythe and Pullip, and in 2014 they worked with Medicom Toy! Even though Nuigulumar Z wasn't a smash hit (I doubt that a live action film about a Gothic Lolita turning into a bear warrior could be successful at all), I was happy to grab this RAH Ayukawa Yumeko at Mandarake. She's a limited release, so it's impossible to find her in regular anime shops.

P50804 202435

According to the image on her box, Dameko doll is so realistic that she can be compared to Hot Toys releases. Another picture on the back of the box recreates a scene from the film.

P50804 202455

It's my very first RAH, and my constant fear was, "What if RAHs aren't dolls at all? It seems that their clothes aren't removable; what if they're like Figmas with some textile glued onto them?" When I opened Dameko's box, I thought of Figma again, because the accessories were arranged in a similar way, and she also had a set of hands. Well, OK, PureNeemo have hand sets, too, and nobody will argue if PureNeemo are dolls.

P50804 202544

The box includes the figure, her hat, five hand pieces (odd number, hmm), Busuke the extraterrestial teddy bear and fluffy nunchaku (everything is odd here, I admit). Even if the dress is glued it looks fabulous.

P50804 202653

My Dameko has a defect - a dark spot on her right cheek, but the resemblance to the living person is amazing. The eyes are particularly well-detailed to every single eyelash. The mouth has, unfortunately, a sloppy painting job. The prototype had parted delicate lips; the finished product has a thick grey line across the mouth, and that doesn't look convincing.

P50804 233922

Some people complain that Dameko's face is weird. I think it's not the fault of Medicom Toy, it's the film character that makes a strange impression. Nakagawa Shoko, Dameko's actress, is 30; however fine she may look, she's still a little too old for Lolita fashion.

Back to the figure. All RAHs have plastic hair, and Dameko is not an exception. Her twintails can be pulled out.

P50804 234648

She's fully undressable (she's a doll, whoa!), and I can only sigh in awe and show you the amazing detailing of her frill dress.

P50804 234245

P50804 234308

P50804 234335

P50804 234402

I think that her shoes are not removable or very hard to remove.

P50804 234459

P50804 235809

Her hat only sits straight, I couldn't bend it the way Dameko wears it in the official pictures.

P50805 000149

P50805 000426

She even has a petticoat. Good job, Baby the Stars Shine Bright!

P50804 235731

As far as I started undressing her, I had a look at her body and joints. She has a soft bust - no idea if it is a standard size for RAHs, but probably it is unified. Her arms, hands, legs and feet can be twisted and detached. I don't like the shoulder joints; they look allright under the clothes, but I remember RAH Saber Lily whose dress leaves her shoulders open, and it's a disturbing sight.

P50804 235412

P50804 234837

Accessories testing: hands...

P50805 001347

... nunchaku... 

P50805 000806

... and the bear. The Luna of this new Sailor Senshi. Now that I think about Nuigulumar Z, it's probably not bad at all - as a parody.

P50805 000601

The set includes a clear stand, but Dameko can also stand on her own:

P50805 003103

As well as sit, of course:

P50805 003307

Overall, I'm very positive about my first experience in RAH. I appreciate the effort Medicom put into modelling and making of this doll, and, once again, the outfit is fantastic. Will I get another RAH? Yes, sure!

Dameko with other dolls:

P50805 095656

P50805 095225

And I love her.

P50805 001639


These ladies will never be damsels in distress!


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Here are some retro characters lovingly reproduced by modern manufacturers.

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I bought this doll out of mere curiosity. Anybody who sees her argues she's representing Fatima Clotho rather than Fatima Lachesis; truly, her appearance in the anime is quite different from what we have here. But Nagano Mamoru, the author of The Five Star Stories, knows better. She IS Lachesis in her future form:


The manufacturer of the doll is Volks, so I expected some derivation of Ultimate Figure Series, probably not jointed... until I received the BOX.

P50803 171450

50cm long and very heavy, as if the Fatima was really made of metal. Well, maybe it's just the seller taking precautions and packing her in a box bigger than needed?

P50803 171837

No, the doll box is just as big. The doll is 1/4, which, to my surprise, is definitely bigger than an UFS.

P50803 172054

Oh my gawd, she's almost 40cm tall! And the body sculpt is different from any I've seen before, as well as the head mold.

Time hasn't been kind to her clothes: her belt flakes. Its covering imitates faux leather; my Free Pose Selection Card Captor Sakura has several outfits made of this stuff, and now it's impossible to put them on her because they almost fall apart.

P50803 182808

The rear view reveals Lachesis's long hair.

P50803 183005

Lachesis wears her dress over a white blouse.

P50803 184600

The further examination led to an unexpected discovery. Sorry for some domestic nudity, but here are her thighs. From the first glance it's obvious that her legs aren't movable! I hastily changed her category in the database to "Limited Poseability".

P50803 184519

However, her arms move and her head can turn.

The box contains a black doll stand and a pack of some suspicious "gems" together with a silver sheet. As well as a blue horn.

P50803 172116

I really need to read the instruction.

P50803 182545

Aww, that's not a horn, that's the memory crystal. Just like in the manga, I'll have to implant it in Lachesis's head. There's a red spot on her forehead marking the right place.

P50803 183118

My poor Lachesis, I hoped this spot was actually a ready-made socket. Alas, I had to use scissors and dig a hole in her skull, because the stem of the crystal was too wide to be inserted easily.

P50803 183519

Side view:

P50803 184346

Now on to the gems.

P50803 183616

Hmm, it says these gems should be first stuck on foil stickers (aka the "silver sheet") and then glued onto the dress. There are markings that you should follow:

P50803 182610

I'm not insane enough to use glue on old fabric - it'll burn it right away. I'll use bi-adhesive tape.

There's only one spare gem in the pack. I'd better be very careful.

First you stick the foil...

P50803 184008

... and then you stick the tape...

P50803 184110

... and at last you stick it to the dress. One done, 23 to go.

P50803 184955

At first my cat watched the process, but after gem number 12 he lost interest.

P50803 185505

I start suspecting that all this DIY is because Volks was a relatively small company then (although I don't know the year of making, it must be before the Dollfies appeared, maybe around 1990). This doll reminds me of a model kit that has to be finished by the buyer. Anyway, I hate you, Volks.

At last it's over! Front:

P50803 191053


P50803 193026

That's it, I'm putting her back into her box.

P50803 193825

A couple of additional pictures just for pleasure:

P50803 191154

P50803 191137