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Character: Tsukino Usagi

Tsukino Usagi no O-heya Set

Toys "R" Us exclusive. This doll was never released separately in Mini Collection series. The cardboard "floor" helps recreate Usagi's bedroom and the Secret Base. Plastic furniture, stickers and Luna figure are included. See the review here. ...

Beauty Change Excellent Pose Eternal Sailor Moon

This Sailor Moon has a wired body which she shares with Excellent Pose Starlights as well as the face mold. Among all the Sailor Moon dolls, she has the most mature look. Like other Beauty Change dolls, this one has an extra "civilian" outfit.

Sailor Moon Mini Collection Sailor Moon

Includes the school uniform to change into Usagi.

Sailor Team Wedding Moon

On her forehead this doll has holes for tiara, even though it is not included. This happened because Bandai used a standard Sailor Moon head.

Henshin Super Sailor Moon

Henshin line offered a quick outfit change. The set includes an extra skirt and accessories.

Beauty Change Eternal Sailor Moon

Beauty Change dolls come with casual outfits that can be worn over their sailor fuku. The sailor fuku brooches are felt in order to attach extra outfits with velcro. You simply have to pull a string to change Usagi into Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon Serena's Bedroom Fashion Playset

First made by Bandai America and later by Irwin. Sold in USA. Retail Value $8.50.

Deluxe Adventure Dolls Serena and Sailor Mimimoon

Toys "R" Us exclusive. Usagi is 29cm tall and Chibi Moon is 25cm.

Sailor Coordinate

Sailor Coordinate 1.