Mikazuki Munechika Cast Doll

    Nendoroid Doll Avenger/Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) Shinjuku Ver.

    Kisekae Action! Niitengo Sharo

    Kisekae Action! Niitengo Cocoa

    Belfy y Lillibit

    Nendoroid Doll Saber/Altria Pendragon (Alter) Shinjuku Ver.

Character: Oscar François de Jarjayes

Romantic Doll Oscar François de Jarjayes

Includes: Doll (military uniform jacket, tights, belt, sash belt, underwear, boots worn) (1), saber (1), sword fringe (1), blouses (1), trousers (1), sash belt (1) , stand (1).

Pullip Oscar François

Pullip P-095.

Versailles no Bara Marie Antoinette 60cm

The tallest of Marie Antoinette dolls.

Versailles no Bara Oscar 60cm

The tallest of Oscar dolls.

Versailles Kyuuden

Palace of Versailles intended for 30cm Versailles no Bara Oscar and Marie Antoinette by Asahi Toys.

Drama Doll Oscar

There are two variants, blue and red. Oscar is slightly taller than Drama Doll Marie Antoinette. She was made before the series debut.


This doll has the same mold as Nausica. She also has Nausica's box, only a sticker saying "Lady" is added, so there are doubts about her legitimity. The doll is supposed to be walking and talking.

Lady Oscar e il suo cavallo

This Italian doll is obviously based on Asahi Toys 30cm Oscar doll.

Versailles Jangmi

There are two versions of this Korean set.

Calendar Girl 2004 Aiko-chan

This doll caused controversy because she wasn't an official reproduction of Oscar. Neither the package information nor the advertising mentioned Versailles no Bara, however, it was clear that the doll's costume and wig were inspired by the series. Takara ...

SD Oscar François de Jarjayes Colonel de la Garde Royale Ver.

Super Dollfie 16. Body: SD16 Girls Body Pure Skin White Skin UV ProtectionS breast

Odalisque Style Dress Set

Doll clothes. For SD Oscar. Size: L Bust Event: Dolls Party 40