ARC Jigoku Shoujo Yoi no Togi

    Kashiwagi Hatsune

    PureNeemo Shinjo Akane

    PureNeemo Takarada Rikka

    ACS Amamiya Ren

    HAF Yumi

Character: Mizuno Ami

Beauty Change Sailor Mercury

Beauty Change dolls come with casual outfits that can be worn over their sailor fuku. The sailor fuku brooches are felt in order to attach extra outfits with velcro. You simply have to pull a string to change Ami into Sailor Mercury.

Sailor Moon Mini Collection Dress Set

Dress Set 1. For Sailor Moon Mini Collection dolls.

Juban Municipal Junior High School Uniform

Doll clothes. For DDS Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury. Size: DDS (SS/S/M Bust Only), DDS Boys, DD (SS/S/M Bust Only), DD Boys Includes: Top, Bow Tie, Skirt, Socks, Shoes (for Usagi), Shoes (for Ami) Event: Dolls Party 40