Mikazuki Munechika Cast Doll

    Nendoroid Doll Avenger/Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) Shinjuku Ver.

    Kisekae Action! Niitengo Sharo

    Kisekae Action! Niitengo Cocoa

    Belfy y Lillibit

    Nendoroid Doll Saber/Altria Pendragon (Alter) Shinjuku Ver.

Character: Asuka

UFS Soryu Asuka Langley One Piece Ver.

Dolls Party 15 limited edition. Body: Dollfie EB Beauty B. The box classifies her as Ultimate Figure Series, The Ultimate Figure BOUTIQUE, Figure Scene and Orient Hero Series. The version is called One Piece because of her one-piece yellow dress.&nbs ...


First shown at 2010 Wonder Festival Summer.

Pullip Soryu Asuka Langley

Pullip F-583. The set includes Asuka's school uniform and her yellow dress.

DD Soryu Asuka Langley Maid Dress Ver.

Dollfie Dream Home Town Dolls Party Osaka 5. Eyes: Acrylic Eye 22mm Metallic Animetic (“Asuka” Original Design)Body: Dollfie Dream Base Body, Normal Skin, M BustIncludes: Doll, Wig, Headpiece, Loafers, Dress, Petticoat, Apron, Cuffs, Collar, ...

RAH Shikinami Asuka Langley Jersey Ver.

Real Action Heroes 629. Wonder Festival Summer 2013 exclusive. Limited to 400 pieces. Based on RAH 598.

2005-toshi Gentei-hin Asuka Momoko

Based on HQCD body. Limited edition.

Yo-Midi Boy Asuka Ryo - Satan

Dolls Party 30 exclusive.  Eyes: HG Glass Eyes / Green Gray / 14mmMakeup: ZOUKEI-MURA Air-brushed Makeup / UV CoatedWig: Original Style / Synthetic Mohair Wig / Ivory Body: Yo-SD Boy Body / Pure Skin Normal / UV Protection Yo-SD-L-02 Long Legs Yo-Mi ...

UFS Asuka Gothic & Lolita Ver.

Dolls Party 16 limited edition. Body: Dollfie EB Beauty B.

C-Zone Mini Costume Dai 3 Shin Tokyo Shiritsu Dai Ichi Chugakko Joshi Seifuku Renewal-ban

Doll clothes. 1/6 Mini Costume 026. Size: Obitsu 27cm.

FAD Hoshino Asuka

Full Action Doll AD-37.

Magical Doremi Patissier Collection Mindy

The Patissier Collection combines the doll outfits from Sweet Friends Patissier line and fairies figurines from Royal Patraine Set.