Wishful Blythe & Stardust Cinnamoroll

    Anna dai capelli rossi

    Andadora a resorte

    Heidi (Famacca)

    Heidi y Pedro

    Oshare na Lady Rin Normal

    PureNeemo Asuna (Yuuki Asuna)

    Nendoroid Doll Richard Ranasinghe de Vulpian

    Nendoroid Doll Dazai Osamu

    Precure Style Cure Earth

    Piccodo Series  Lelouch Deformed Vignet Doll

    Pullip My Melody Pink Ver.

Manufact.: Takara

Mew Ichigo

Unlike other Tokyo Mew Mew dolls, this one was released in two variants: battle outfit and Cafe Mew Mew uniform. See this doll compared to Tokyo Mew Mew Licca-chan:

Mermaid Princess Nanami Lucia

Out of all the mermaid characters, Takara made only Lucia, while Giochi Preziosi made Lucia, Hanon and Rina (and a prototype Coco) and even Taiwanese and Korean Mermaid Melody lines were expanded. This Lucia has a Licca body.

Amaenbo Mirai-chan Warau Type

This Mirai works from two N-size batteries that allow her suck her bottle (included in the set). There are two variants, Waraou (laugh) Type and Naku (cry) Type, with Naku having a tear on her face and looking left, while Waraou looks right. They make cry ...

Licca-chan no TV Mate Mahou no Mako-chan

Mako was released as Licca's friend. The back of the box shows her wearing different fashions but it's unclear whether these were doll variations or separate outfits. 

Ayanami Rei meets Blythe -White Light-

Neo Blythe, Radiant Blythe mold, Excellent body. CWC exclusive limited to 2000 pieces.

PriPara Lala Licca-chan

The doll comes with a PriTicket allowing you to get one of Licca-chan dresses in the game. She doesn't have Manaka Lala's facial features, it's just Licca wearing Lala's clothes. See the review here.

Kabunushi Yutai Licca-chan 2008

In this Takara shareholder gift edition Licca stars as Ai-chan, also known as Yatterman 2. The Choro Q car included in the set is Mach 5 car from Mach Go Go Go (Speed Racer).

Tokyo Mew Mew Licca-chan

Licca is cosplaying Mew Ichigo.

Doll da Pyon! Mika & Kago

Alter ego of Kago Ai and Mika Todd, Mini Moni singers.

Romantic Doll Oscar François de Jarjayes

Includes: Doll (military uniform jacket, tights, belt, sash belt, underwear, boots worn) (1), saber (1), sword fringe (1), blouses (1), trousers (1), sash belt (1) , stand (1).

Liccarize Akage no Anne

Includes: doll (1), one piece dress (1), socks (2), drawers (1), boots (2), underwear (1), puff sleeve dress (1), shoes (2), ribbons (1), bag (1), hat (1), stand (1), stand base (1). Takara Tomy Mall exclusive. Orders can be placed between the 24th ...

JAFko Doll Project JAFko-chan

One of the two mascot dolls released exclusively for JAFcon 2002. Takara also used this type of body for 130cm Tokyo Mew Mew dolls.

Category:Wired Doll
White Dream Chibineko

This bisque/stuffed catgirl was a limited release of 500 pieces, re-released in 2006. Dress variations are blue, yellow and (probably) pink.

5th Anniversary Petit Charat

For sale in Japan only. The doll has stuffed lower part of body and can only sit. Accessories: brush, character card signed by Koge-Donbo, Di Gi Charat creator. Read the review here.

Twinkle Comet-san Kawaiku Kisekae

This doll had two variants. "Kawaiku Kisekae" includes a casual outfit and a small figure of Rababou. "Dress ni Kisekae" includes a ball gown and a Rabapyon figure.  Both dolls have a Licca body and the same original head mold. However, their basic ...

Character Doll Series Nakoruru

The first Takara doll with a new mold (known as Nakohead among collectors). This doll has a somewhat tangled story of rereleases. She first appeared in 1994 together with her Ending Version (this one was wearing a longer robe and a large bow). The same y ...