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    Pullip My Melody Pink Ver.

Manufact.: Groove

Pullip Sailor Moon

Pullip P-128. Accessories: stand, tiara, hair ornaments, Moon Stick. Premium Bandai Exclusive release also included a Luna plush. Clothes are made of faux leather. Owners complain that the hair pieces are hard to attach.

Pullip Luna Kaguya-hime no Koibito Ver.

Pullip P-153. Bandai Premium bonus: hair ornament. This Luna in her human form appears in Sailor Moon S movie. The doll is also listed as The Moon Princess's Lover Ver.

Pullip Princess Serenity

Pullip P-143. Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary edition. Premium Bandai bonus: Silver Crystal necklace.

Taeyang Tuxedo Kamen

Taeyang T-249. Premium Bandai shop bonus: rose.

Pullip Sailor Venus

Pullip P-139. Premium Bandai bonus: school uniform.

Pullip Sailor Mars

Pullip P-137. Premium Bandai Limited Edition bonus: school uniform.

Pullip Sailor Mercury

Pullip P-136.  Premium Bandai bonus: school uniform.

Pullip Black Lady

Pullip P-154. Premium Bandai bonus: Dark Luna P plush.

Pullip Sailor Jupiter

Pullip P-138. Premium Bandai bonus: school uniform.

Byul Pinoko

Byul B-317. She can accompany Pullip Black Jack.

Pullip x Kuroshitsuji Grell

Pullip F-606. Although the character is physically male, Grell is represented by a female doll. Grell is the first release in Otome-Club series, a Pullip line described as "the hottest media-mix titles of anime, game and comic, etc collaboration with Pull ...

Pullip Oscar François

Pullip P-095.

Little Dal Cinnamoroll Baby

Little Dal LD-538, Cinnamoroll 10th Anniversary edition.

Dal Sailor Chibi Moon

Dal D-154. Bandai Premium bonus: Luna P plush.

Dal Sailor Saturn

Dal D-156. Premium Bandai bonus: school uniform.

Vocaloid x Pullip Hatsune Miku

Pullip P-034. Pre-order bonus: a phone charm.

Pullip Marie Antoinette

Pullip P-094.

Pullip Sailor Uranus

Pullip P-148. First shown at Tokyo Doll Show 43. Premium Bandai bonus: school uniform.

Pullip Sailor Pluto

Pullip P-155. Premium Bandai bonus: lilac suit.