ARC Jigoku Shoujo Yoi no Togi

    Kashiwagi Hatsune

    PureNeemo Shinjo Akane

    PureNeemo Takarada Rikka

    ACS Amamiya Ren

    HAF Yumi

Manufact.: Bandai

Babu Babu Hana-chan

This Hana doll can make sound and light effects. Re-released in Italy by GiG as Hanna.

Yellow Four Set Biogirl

Out of five Bioman main characters, only the female cast got their dolls. Accessories: Bioman helmet/mask, two guns, gloves, a Peebo figure. She has the Charmy Twin face mold (Nozomi type faceup).

Henshin! Sailor Moon

The first Sailor Moon doll ever! The hair and gloves are molded, the choker is plastic. Bow colour is lighter than it should be. Legs are not bendable.

Itsumo Nakayoshi Super Sailor Moon

Also known as Babyface or Baby Doll Super Sailor Moon.

Nakayoshi Chibi Moon

Also known as Babyface or Baby Doll Chibi Moon. Stuffed body, vinyl head and limbs. Accessories: Luna P. No stand included. Boots are molded. Her hair doesn't become sticky with time, but it tends to fade; odango are plastic. The box has images of Sailor ...

Tsukino Usagi no O-heya Set

Toys "R" Us exclusive. This doll was never released separately in Mini Collection series. The cardboard "floor" helps recreate Usagi's bedroom and the Secret Base. Plastic furniture, stickers and Luna figure are included. See the review here. ...

Itsumo Nakayoshi Super Chibi Moon

Also known as Babyface or Baby Doll Super Sailor Chibi Moon. She comes with a Pegasus medal.

Beauty Change Excellent Pose Eternal Sailor Moon

This Sailor Moon has a wired body which she shares with Excellent Pose Starlights as well as the face mold. Among all the Sailor Moon dolls, she has the most mature look. Like other Beauty Change dolls, this one has an extra "civilian" outfit.

Chara Talk Super Sailor Moon

An interactive talking doll saying three phrases: ムーンクライシスメイクアップ Moon Crisis Make Up 月にかわって、おしおきよ Tsuki ni kawatte oshioki yo! (In the name of the moon, I will punish you) わたし、セーラームーン Watashi Sailor Moon (I am Sailor Moon). Here you can watch the ...

Sailor Moon Mini Collection Sailor Moon

Includes the school uniform to change into Usagi.

Henshin Paipai

Charmy Twin face mold (Nozomi type faceup). The body is taller than the Charmy Twin regular size. Her odangos are made of plastic and secured on a headband.

Excellent Sailorteam Sailormoon

Deluxe edition. The box contains the character descripton in Japanese and English.

Mogu Mogu Hana-chan

This doll also has an exclusive Toys R Us Christmas Ver. She can make 15 sounds.

Party Princess Lady Rin

Party Princess 1. This Lady Lynn comes in a big box with a section for accessories. Marking on the right foot: "Bandai 1987 made in Japan". This line included only dolls wearing party dresses, while Osharena Lady Lynn had both party and casual wear. ...

Sailor Team Wedding Moon

On her forehead this doll has holes for tiara, even though it is not included. This happened because Bandai used a standard Sailor Moon head.

Henshin Super Sailor Moon

Henshin line offered a quick outfit change. The set includes an extra skirt and accessories.