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Pesca la tua carta Sakura and Cardcaptor Cherry were made in Italy and Korea, respectively, when the anime was aired in these countries. Unlike the dolls by Trendmasters, they both have original molds. I've chosen the dolls wearing the famous 1st Opening outfit - it's red in the Italian version and pink in the Korean version.

P60827 102502

The Korean doll is two centimetres taller. Both boxes have Sakura images on the front and sakura flower ornaments, but the shades of pink are very different. The Korean box has an anime-inspired landscape background inside.

P60827 102433

P60827 102336

The reverse sides of the boxes are even more different. The Italian one advertises other Sakura dolls by Giochi Preziosi, while the Korean one introduces the main characters and shows Sakura's battle outfits.

P60827 102712

P60827 102701

The Italian doll has two bonuses, which are a character card and a cardboard Clow medallion.

P60827 102801

P60827 102745

Instead of bonuses, the Korean doll has accessories, the Sealing Wand and Kero-chan!

P60827 102624

The dolls next to each other.

P60827 103802

P60827 103742

Now let's compare them in detail. 

The hats. The Italian Sakura's hat is very close to what Sakura wears in the anime. I couldn't take it off because it's secured with a plastic pin; I doubt if it can stay on the doll's head without it. The Korean Sakura's hat looks like a chef hat, to be honest, and it doesn't have the ribbon on its top. It used to have an elastic band inside, but the previous owner cut it off.

P60827 103707

P60827 102830

The shoes. Neither pair is perfect, the Italian one being truer to the original. Still, the doll can't even wear it properly. The Korean shoes are just some generic loafers.

P60827 103150

The kneesocks. The Italian ones are trimmed with lace - which shouldn't be transparent, but at least it's there! The Korean doll is wearing plain socks.

P60827 103235

The skirt. The Korean doll's lace underskirt is gorgeous, even though it's not exactly what Sakura wears in the anime. The Italian doll's underskirt is more faithful to the source but the fabric looks a little cheap. As for the skirt itself, one agin we witness a different interpretation of the colour: the band is gold (the Italian version) or white (the Korean version). In the original it's very pale gold, so I think both variants are allowed.

P60827 103310

P60827 103550

The top. Both tops are made to match the skirts (which means they have similar strengths and weaknesses). The Italian Sakura's chest ribbon has pointed edges, which is nice but incorrect. 

P60827 103525

The gloves. Absent - in both cases.

The wings. As you see, the fabrics are very different. The Italian Sakura's wings are glossy, while the Korean one's are felt. They are also bigger and much better shaped.

P60827 103455

Face. The most important part, probably. If these dolls came naked I think I wouldn't be able to tell they were one and the same character. Both have a certain likeness to Sakura and both are quite off, only in a different way.

P60827 104116

P60827 104639

P60827 103906

P60827 104018

Here they are together with Liccarize Sakura (not the 1st Opening version, unfortunately).

P60827 104204

I think it's very interesting to compare how different manufacturers see the same character - especially in this case, when the character is Japanese and both toymakers are from abroad!


Petoko is the first doll in PureNeemo Character Series. Azone launched this line in collaboration with Yamato in 2006. I was happy to grab her at Mandarake because she is a sort of a relict, being different from other PureNeemos.

P60827 203257

Before unpacking. Petoko's box has transparent red stickers with her name on them. Nuri-chan, the second doll in the line, has a similar box.

P60827 203352

P60827 203431

No, in fact, Petoko can't pose like this and later you'll see why.

P60827 203919

So, this is her wearing her school uniform.

P60827 203933

Rear view. Petoko is noticeably stooping.

P60827 204013

Her hair is molded, which is not typical for PureNeemo dolls. 

P60827 204240

I decided to compare her to PureNeemo Akaza Akari. Both dolls wear the same size, so they can swap clothes, but their bodies are actually very different.

P60827 204858

Petoko has Advance body which doesn't have arm, knee, neck or ankle joints. In comparison to Flection body (the one that Akari has), it has fewer posing options, and it's also lighter and softer because it's hollow.

P60827 204720

Advance hands look like Flection hands, but they aren't interchangeable as they have different joints.

P60827 205808

When I pulled out her hands I noticed a strange thing. They clung to each other...

P60827 205926

...and to Petoko's head! This reminds me of the Addams Family.

The reason why the doll has magnets in her body is that, according to the plot of the anime, Petoko is a sticking yokai (a supernatural creature in Japanese folklore). She can unintentionally stick to another person and stay like this for several hours.

P60827 210231

Speaking of another person, in Petoko's box there's a figure of Konuri-chan, her loyal companion. It seems it also has a magnet inside.

P60827 210838

Petoko can hold Konuri-chan...

P60827 211320

...or even "wear' her!

The magnet in Petoko's head doesn't have a constant position, it is loose somewhere inside and makes a rattling sound when you shake the doll. To attach Konuri, you first have to find the magnet, then it'll stick and move together with her.

P60827 213918

Petoko next to her PVC 1/8 figure by Kotobukiya.

To my mind, testing this doll was quite interesting and a nice experience, too. Petoko is so stick-in-your-head-able!

P60827 210953


Not exactly a review...

DD Excellen Browning is my first character Dollfie Dream. On the one hand, she looks too... slutty mature, on the other hand, she has an amazing face with distinctive features and shining eyes. That's why she was my choice, I didn't want anything generic.


P60826 110426

A standard Dollfie Dream box.

P60826 110513

I like the way she's secured with ribbons, she looks like a gift.

P60826 110721

Excellen is shorter than the custom Dollfie I have, and she also has a bigger bust. I suppose DDdy body was based on hers.

P60826 110610

Her default outfit is neatly packed.

P60826 110910

I haven't seen a wig like this before. It's not elastic and it's supposed to fit the head tightly.

P60826 111110

I think this is the most beautiful Dollfie face ever. I know other owners complain about her "orange" lips and repaint them, but I disagree. This faceup makes the doll more interesting than others.

P60826 111605

Now it's where the tragic part begins. This is her default lingerie, she wore ir for one minute, yet it was enough to ruin the doll. Now her chest and her thighs are all stained. I'm really angry with Volks. Why do they make clothes that stain badly, especially that they are aware of the problem? 

That's why this article is not a review. I couldn't pose the doll in her default outfit, because it includes even more black pieces. Instead I'll show some clothes I bought for her: a kimono by an unknown circle, Dressy Alice Set and Girly Knit Top Set by Volks.

P60826 221917

P60826 222025

P60826 205035

P60826 114437

P60826 204045

P60826 222922

P60826 223302


P60826 115138

I'll make separate reviews on these dolls later, now I'm simply euphoric.