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Styling Sailor is a series of 6cm chibi-style capsule toys with "real" hair. They are usually sold out very fast in the aftermarket, so I was really happy when I managed to order Super Sailor Moon, the most popular doll in this series. She belongs to the second wave of Styling Sailor (1995), and I have to admit that these newer dolls are way more attractive than the 1994 release.


The tiniest doll in my collection arrived in an unexpectedly big box, and it took me some time to find this small package there. 

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Besides the doll, there is a booklet inside, showing other dolls in 1995 series.


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The body has painting issues and doesn't exceed the quality of a cheap toy; even so, Sailor Moon's outfit looks detailed. The head is soft vinyl, with rooted hair. Here the paintjob is much more accurate, you can  even see tiny crescent earrings in Sailor Moon's ears. The doll can stand on her own, but you can't really pose her, as the only movable part is the neck. The hair, as the series title suggests, can be styled, but I prefer the way it is. (I'm sure she has bald patches all over her head!)

On the whole, this Super Sailor Moon is a nice item - and the only chibi doll version as far as I'm concerned. Not a gem of a Sailor Moon collection, of course, but quite a curious addition.