PureNeemo Kamado Nezuko Oni-ka PB Ver.

    PureNeemo Kamado Nezuko

    Chibicco Doll Chino

    Ohanashi Ange

    Pullip Asuna

    Caffè Mew Mew Mina

    Oshare na Sandy Belle

    Caffè Mew Mew Pam

    Precure Style Cure Fontaine

    Precure Style Cure Sparkle

    Precure Style Cure Grace

    PureNeemo Ohara Mari PB Ver.


Unsurprisingly, Vocaloid dolls are mostly represented by Hatsune Miku. However, others are also getting their likenesses in the form of official and semi-official dolls.


Hatsune Miku 

2011 - Pullip (Groove)

        - Pullip LOL Ver. (Groove)

        - Pullip Snow Miku (Groove)

2012 - Docolla (Groove)

2013 - Hatsune Miku x Licca (Takara Tomy)

2014 - Dollfie Dream (Volks)

        - Snow Miku x Licca (Takara Tomy)

        - Pullip Sakura Miku (Groove)

2015 - Blythe (Takara Tomy, Hasbro)

        - Mini Sweets Doll (Dollce)

        - Mini Sweets Doll Sakura Miku (Dollce)

2016 - Dollfie Dream Snow Miku (Volks)

        - RAH Honey Whip Standard Ver. (Medicom Toy)

        - RAH Honey Whip Deluxe Ver. (Medicom Toy)

2019 - Pullip Yokohama Ver. (Groove)

        - Dollfie Dream Reboot Ver. (Volks)

        - Dollfie Dream Sakura Miku (Volks)

2020 - Collection Doll (Groove)

        - Nendoroid Doll (Good Smile Company)

        - Nendoroid Doll Sakura Miku (Good Smile Company)

201? - Icy Doll Coser (Arker)

Kagamine Rin and Len  

2011 - Dal Kagamine Rin (Groove)

        - Dal Kagamine Len (Groove)

2016 - DDS Kagamine Rin (Volks)

        - DDS Kagamine Len (Volks)

Other Vocaloids

2011 - Pullip Megurine Luka (Groove)

        - Taeyang Kaito (Groove)

2012 - Pullip Meiko (Groove)

2014 - Kiwidoll Kitano Kamui (Kiwi House)

2018 - Dollfie Dream Megurine Luka (Volks)


2016 - Kiwidoll Zunko (Kiwi House)

2017 - 60 Kiwidoll Zunko (Kiwi House)


Vocaloids are popular models for doll clothes makers. The companies that produce outfits for Dollfie Dream Vocaloids are:

Volks (Dolls Party exclusive, Volks Showroom exclusive, regular basis)

Ginger Tea (Dolls Party exclusive)

Cherry Milk (Wonder Festival exclusive)