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Nadja Applefield attracted attention of three doll companies: Romando, Bandai and Giochi Preziosi. The latter seemed to be much more interested in the character than its Japanese counterparts and made five dolls, while Bandai made only two. I love comparing dolls manufactured by different companies, so this time I decided to buy two Nadjas that have the same outfit as an extra. I mean Nadja Gallery Ballerina Dress by Bandai and Nadja Applefields Doppio Abito by Giochi Preziosi.

This is Nadja by Bandai. She is wearing her first dancing dress - the pink one - while the extra outfit is her blue ballet dress.

DSC 0059

The box design is aesthetically appealing, and rather inventive - if you're asking yourself what the rose bush is doing inside, I'll tell you it's concealing the doll stand.

The box sides have the image of the blue dress as shown in the series...

DSC 0070

DSC 0071

... while the back demonstrates it on the doll. Hmm...

DSC 0072

DSC 0073

I wouldn't call it a striking resemblance. It's not even a dress but rather something like an apron that should be worn over the pink dress (which is much closer to the original).

DSC 0084

Other details, such as ballet shoes and the hairnet, are impeccable though. In the anime, Nadja wears them with both outfits.

DSC 0075

DSC 0082

Nadja's permanent accessory is her baton which is reproduced in detail for this doll.

DSC 0087

Now to the Italian doll.

DSC 0053 1

She comes in a different dress. Nadja changes outfits many times in the series, so Giochi Preziosi had a big variety to choose from. As you will see on the back of the box, the manufacturer made the best of it (literally)!

DSC 0068

DSC 0069

DSC 0066

DSC 0067


Two of these dolls are "Doppio Abito", which means they have two outfits in the box.  You can notice in the picture above that the last dress in line is the pink dancing dress similar to that worn by Bandai Nadja. And, of course, here comes the blue ballet dress again.

DSC 0078

Very different from Bandai version but quite recognisable anyway. It's a full dress this time, and I must mention that Nadja's precious red brooch is thoughtfully attached to each outfit in this doll line. As for details, well... here Giochi Preziosi was less thoughtful. The shoes are blue; even though they match this particular dress, they're still different from the white ones in the series. Nadja's hair accessory isn't appropriate for either of the two outfits in the box - it's neither the hairnet nor the tiara she is supposed to wear with the white dress, it's two red roses instead.

Let's take a closer look at the dolls themselves.

DSC 0088

DSC 0089

DSC 0092

DSC 0080

Nadja by Bandai has a unique mold, and a unique body. Probably the lips are too bright, but it's a true portrait of the frail slim girl we see in the series. On the other hand, Nadja by Giochi Preziosi is  just another anime girl. Comet has the same face. Pichi Pitch mermaids have the same face. 2011 Sailor Senshi dolls look almost like her, even though they are slightly smaller.

DSC 0076

Still, as I said before, Asita no Nadja is almost an haute couture show, and Giochi Preziosi exploited this successfully, offering no less than seven replicas of the dresses we could see on the screen. Bandai gave us only three. And don't even get me started on Romando.