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I've recently noticed a certain pattern in my reviews: The older a doll, the more extatic I get. So, this time I'm almost in love with this 1981 Italian Becky doll! She is none other than Becky Thatcher, the famous character of Tom Sawyer book and anime series.


Dolls inspired by this series were exclusive to the Italian manufacturer Furga. You can find all variations of Tom doll at eBay, Huck dolls are not so frequent, but this Becky doll is a rarity. Some collectors even question her very existence, but here she is, 45cm tall and gorgeous!

IMG 20180112 141039

All Furga anime-based dolls were sold in colourful boxes with flaps showing the main characters as well as some familiar environments. Here we can see a Mississippi steamboat, Tom's school, Huck, Tom and Becky.

IMG 20180112 141318

IMG 20180112 141512

IMG 20180112 141607

Here is the doll. As I said before, she is 45cm tall, and there is a chance that a mini Becky doll was released, too, because other Tom Sawyer no Bouken dolls have variations in size. Becky looks somewhat similar to Furga's Anne of Green Gables. I don't own this Anne doll yet, so I can't claim they have the same mold, but as for the bodies, I think they share the same type.

IMG 20180112 142036

IMG 20180112 142105

There is Furga logo on the back of her head.

IMG 20180112 142211

Yarn hair! (You'd better not undo it). It should have been ginger rather than yellow, though.

IMG 20180112 142258

My first reaction to Becky was, "Yuk, she's squinting!" But somehow she is quite photogenic, and her design is very Alice-In-Wonderland-ish. 

IMG 20180112 142043

IMG 20180112 143106

IMG 20180112 143154

Maybe because of her blue dress and her pinafore? I still wonder whether it used to be white or not. Both pieces are made of a peculiar fabric with a waffle-like feel, only the pinafore is starched. The shoes are plastic, with the right one easy to tell from the left one, and there are kneesocks instead of stockings.

IMG 20180112 142447

The body is that of a traditional vinyl doll, with not many options for posing.

IMG 20180112 142617

IMG 20180112 142640

Unlike her solid plastic legs, Becky's arms are soft and hollow, and I really like the way her hands are sculptured.

IMG 20180112 142723

IMG 20180112 143237

Cloud Nine reporting. I am genuinely happy I have this rare doll, and I don't regret the money I paid to get her. She was worth every cent, and something more.

IMG 20180112 143148