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Frankly speaking, I'm not a big fan of Liccarize line by Takara Tomy, and I already have four Kinomoto Sakura dolls, but here it is, the Platinum Costume version. The temptation was still too strong for me. In case you don't know, Platinum is the third opening in Card Captor Sakura series.

Cardcaptor Sakura psd78968

I didn't expect the box to be so big. Its window reveals te contents of the set, such as the stand and the Star Wand. No Kero-chan this time, though.

IMG 20171104 094204

 The back of the box is pink, with a feather pattern.

IMG 20171104 094217

 I'm starting the unpacking. As you probably remember, the basis for all Liccarize dolls is a standard Licca body and an original head.

IMG 20171104 162742

 The mold is slightly different from other Liccarize Sakura dolls: this one is smiling (mouth closed), and her chin is more pointed.

IMG 20171104 163317

 You have to attach the bows yourself. I made them hang loosely, as it seems impossible to wrap the elastic bands around her pigtails too many times. But, after all, they look almost OK like this.

IMG 20171104 163615

 IMG 20171104 163914

 Rear view. The ribbon on her left knee is secured on her kneesock!

IMG 20171104 163944

 Sakura's dress is made of polyester, but the lace is cotton.

IMG 20171104 163459

 The petticoats and the bloomers are bound with a thread.

IMG 20171104 163413

 The shoes are made of soft vinyl, and it's nice to see that the stars on them are molded separately, but the painting has minor defects and the design doesn't strictly match the star on Sakura's choker.

IMG 20171104 163121

 The Star Wand is big and looks really good. What a pity the doll can't hold it, because her fingers don't bend.

IMG 20171104 164120

 The pattern on Sakura's stand. By the way, you'll have to use scissors to take the stand out of the box. 

IMG 20171104 165028

 All dressed up. These are the doll's posing options which are standard for Licca body: the knees and the elbows are wired, but don't expect wonders. She won't even kneel properly.

IMG 20171104 164628

 This is the new Liccarize Sakura as compared with an older Free Pose Selection Sakura by Bandai. (To tell you the truth, the Bandai doll in the picture is actually the school uniform version wearing the Platinum costume that used to belong to another Free Pose Selection Sakura). You can easily see that the fabrics and the dress designs are different, and I have to admit the older version is closer to the original, while the newer one is more pleasant aesthetically.

IMG 20171104 164046

 I've also compared her to another Liccarize Sakura I have.

IMG 20171104 164231

 With its Liccarize Sakura dolls, Takara Tomy is doing exactly the same thing Bandai did before. Like all the Free Pose Selection Sakuras, these new ones also vary in facial expressions and eye shapes. See, the Platinum Sakura is smiling, her eyes are round and have stripes on the iris, while the School Uniform Sakura's mouth is a straight line and her eyes are notably wider. The Bandai dolls had these differences, too.

IMG 20171104 164408

 Maybe this Sakura wasn't the most necessary acquisition, but a nice one for sure!  

IMG 20171104 165458




# RE: Review: Liccarize Kinomoto Sakura Platinum CostumeTasuke 2018-06-03 17:35
substitution of the new OBITSU 24cm. doll body for this series of dolls is most highly recommended. it looks wonderful, and gives her a fantastic range of poseability;

she can sit without a problem;

beside older, 27cm. OBITSU;