SES Kashiwagi Chizuru

    Licca-chan Asuka Ver.

    Odalisque Style Dress Set

    SD Oscar François de Jarjayes Colonel de la Garde Royale Ver.

    SD André Grandier Gardes Françaises Ver.

    DDS Sailor Mars

Vispo might refer to her as Asukadoll, Asuka Doll or simply Asuka, but I'd call her The Most Gorgeous BJD Ever.

I bought her second-hand from the Jungle shop. They were selling her in A condition, however, after I had already paid they warned me she had loose strings. Yes, they are a bit loose, and she also had a broken finger. Other owners say that her hands are very fragile and I have to agree. When I was trying to fix it, I had a glue accident, glueing my own fingers to three layers of bedding :)

IMG 20170728 122340

 The box has a festival exclusive feel about it, if you know what I mean. A plain box with stickers, the best one being this:

IMG 20170728 122445

 Inside there is a card with the doll's image and a manual.

IMG 20170728 122532

IMG 20170728 122628

 The doll is safe between two blankets and wearing a "helmet". Her body is quite realistic and it's a real shame that her loose strings make her legs and feet twist.

IMG 20170728 122924

IMG 20170728 123114

 An amazing head, very true to Sadamoto Yoshiyuki's design, all edges and angles. 

IMG 20170728 130126

 Vispo also added some spares, the back of the head and two plain eyeballs. (There's no way I'm ever gonna change her eyes...)

IMG 20170728 140320

 The clothes made by Vispo aren't based on any illustrations. The outfit consists of red and grey top and skirt, cuffs, a choker, black kneesocks, two rose-shaped haipins and pants that have the same hilarious image we've seen on the box sticker! The top and the skirt look as if they were made of leather, but the red fabric is actually soft inside and the top has lining, so there's no risk of getting your doll stained after wearing these. My dysfunctional camera shows the ribbon trim colour wrong, it's grey not purple!

IMG 20170728 133400


IMG 20170728 134238

IMG 20170728 133504

 Asuka's shoes were made by Leeke World, a Korean doll company.

IMG 20170728 135246

 The wig was made in Korea, too. It is already done in two twintails with black ribbons. The colour is closer to light brown than orange or red, but it has a nice natural look.

IMG 20170728 133555

 All dressed up.

IMG 20170728 140624

 IMG 20170728 140719

 What a doll!

IMG 20170728 140533

 It goes without saying she's much smaller than a Dollfie, but it also turns out she's shorter than a Hybrid Active Doll. 

IMG 20170728 141522

 The clothes that fit her are those intended for Mini Dollfies (MDD and MSD).

IMG 20170728 172115

 In my opinion, Asuka is the best doll by Vispo and one of the highlights of my collection. I'm really happy and proud to own her.

IMG 20170728 141051