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I can't stop wondering what Yujin and Tomy thought when they called this line Super Real Type. What can be super real about 20cm tall Yu Yu Hakusho dolls with stuffed bodies? However, I got interested in their only female character, Botan, and here she is.

These dolls were sold inside clear plastic bags tied with an intricate golden knot.

IMG 20170727 141408

The doll line includes Yu Yu Hakusho characters only. Back of the package.

IMG 20170727 141414

 Botan's waist is attached to the box while her feet are secured inside. That was a bad decision, as we'll see later. Her oar is here, too.

IMG 20170727 141756

 IMG 20170727 141908

 She looks a bit... stupid, with these round expressionless eyes of hers, but the sculpting itself isn't bad, especially if you pay attention to her hair. The paint has become slightly sticky with time.

IMG 20170727 141810

IMG 20170727 142915

 Body shot. This doll can't be undressed, and her obi is actually an appliqué. Still, her kimono is rather neatly made - if you don't mind this Tomy-Yujin label on her sleeve, of course!

IMG 20170727 142813

 IMG 20170727 142246

 IMG 20170727 142307

 Her feet were stuck when I was pulling her out of the box, and one sole came unstuck. I had to glue it back later. Her feet, legs and body are made of a polyester fabric similar to fleece, and there's wire inside her legs which makes the doll poseable.

IMG 20170727 141934

 The arms have a different, rope-like texture, but are wired inside as well. 

IMG 20170727 142206

 Frankly speaking, when I was buying this Botan I didn't expect her to sit, bend her arms or turn her head! She can kneel effortlessly!

IMG 20170727 142111

 But what is more important, she can ride her oar exactly like she did in the series! As you can see, she holds it herself without my help.

IMG 20170727 172826

I'm not going to buy any other Super Real Type dolls, but it's nice to have this little Botan. Why not catch a glimpse of the 90's shounen style?

IMG 20170727 172646