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From the moment I saw Isobelle Pascha X Otome no Teikoku collaboration prototypes, I was fascinated with Mahiru & Mahiro set. At the same time I knew I couldn't afford both of them, so it was a relief when Solaris Japan started selling them individually. I chose Mahiro, and although I understand I won't be now able to recreate the MahiMahi scenes, I'm still happy. Anyway, they are technically one and the same doll, only with different hair colour!.. (In the manga, MahiMahi are not real twins, but they pretend to be ones).

NEOBK 1736040

Mahiro is an interesting addition to my collection, because it's a designer doll and not a commercial representation of a character. I frankly don't know why 3A picked this manga - for its controversy maybe? However, their Isobelle Pascha dolls are not exactly what you call manga style.


Otome no Teikoku dolls by 3A also share these somewhat grotesque and cartoonish proportions and facial features, so that you can only recognise the manga characters by fashions they wear. 

OK, time to start unpacking. The box I received is huge, much bigger than needed, with lots of what I call "Japanese air" inside:

IMG 20170709 174115

The doll package itself is much smaller. The outer box has manga images on it, showing Mahiru and Mahiro. All sides:

IMG 20170709 174310

IMG 20170709 174414

IMG 20170709 174422

IMG 20170709 174429

The inner box has an A3 art on it. I guess the girl is Isobelle Pascha:

IMG 20170709 174706

There are some extras from A3 inside, such as an A3 sticker, a poster and a booklet promoting military-style dolls:

IMG 20170709 175048

IMG 20170709 174935

Now to Mahiro, here she is:

IMG 20170709 174802

IMG 20170709 174858

IMG 20170709 175449

Her outfit is not an exact copy of the clothes she wears in the manga, but it's a very creative interpretation. Her parka, although not fully purple, has the same stars and bears pattern and still has several details in purple (or, rather, lavender). It is amazingly detailed. The pockets are real and the hood string is functioning, too.

IMG 20170709 181534

IMG 20170709 181549

The school uniform is silky and detailed.

IMG 20170709 175726

IMG 20170709 181323

The kneesocks have a different pattern, but the shoes are accurate to the very soles. By the way, you can easily tell the right one from the left one.

IMG 20170709 180904

Underneath the uniform Mahiro wears patterned underwear:

IMG 20170709 175921

Now her head and body. Instead of a manga face, Mahiro has a standard Isobelle Pascha triangular nose and rope-shaped lips. Still, this caricature face can be very expressive, and it changes each time you turn her head.

IMG 20170709 175501

IMG 20170709 175526

IMG 20170709 182145

 Mahiro's pigtails are made of several details, and I have to admit the seams are rather crude, but I like the shading.

IMG 20170709 175944

 The hands are funny and look as if they were made of wood. Even though they look big, you can undress the doll without removing them.

IMG 20170709 175551

 Anyway, I dismembered her a bit for the body shot. Initially I thought it was an Obitsu body, but no, A3 make original doll bodies. They are posable, whith knee and elbow joints, but not so bendy in neck or waist unfortunately. My doll has also got a very tight hip joint. The manufacturer included some spare joints, so I'll probaby try to replace this one. Mahiro has flat feet, very dummy-like, but surprisingly realistic soft breasts and crotch.

IMG 20170709 180259

 IMG 20170709 180329

 IMG 20170709 180344

Mahiro can stand on her own, but she looks a bit unsafe. She kneels confidently, but when it comes to sitting, she is just unable to do it in a realistic way.

IMG 20170709 181801

IMG 20170709 181922

IMG 20170709 182059

Notwithstanding some minor faults, she is a very unusual and therefore valuable addition to my collection. It's always interesting to see anime standards from a different angle.

IMG 20170709 181933