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 After creating a rather ugly Stylish Collection Spike Spiegel, Medicom made another attempt in 2002, and this time the character looked much better. This Spike is supposed to be Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door version, which means no difference from the series style and design, as you can see on the box art.

The side of the box offers some specifications, not free from mistakes.

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 Inside, more info is attached in Japanese. 

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The inside of the box is not as blue as in my picture, it's just my camera, but I thought it would be fun to retain the blue colour which is so significant in the series. 

The set includes the figure, a stand, a cigarette, Spike's gun and an extra hand to hold this gun.

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The figure itself represents the character well, my only complaint being that his otherwise nice and well-sewn suit doesn't let Spike move te way he's supposed to. Here I show his limits. Well, maybe Medicom also shouldn't have copied the body proportions so precisely. What looks good on the screen doesn't look the same on the doll; in other words, Spike's head is a bit too small while his hands are a bit too big.

IMG 20170418 112436

 Underneath the clothes, the Spider Body looks like this. Without the jacket, it has a pretty good range of movement.

IMG 20170418 112536

 IMG 20170418 105250


At first I couldn't guess how in the promo pictures Spike manages to keep such big hands in his pockets. In fact, if you want to recreate this pose, the hands should be taken off.

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The Spike on the right is Play Arts Kai action figure. It looks more elegant, but the doll is closer to the character design. And, of course, I always prefer dolls to action figures!

IMG 20170418 112612


What I especially like about my new Spike is his face. For some reason, Spike Spiegel is a difficult character to sculpt, many of his PVC figures are off, but this one looks good, very true to the original and generally pleasant to look at.

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 See You Space Cowboy...

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