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After several attempts to buy at least one Character Model Original Doll, I had to content myself with the first in the line, Kurumi.

P60127 145329

Character Model was a series of resin kits, probably distibuted as a magazine supplement, which occasionally included doll kits. However, the first three dolls didn't have to be assembled.

The Kurumi dolls that I see in the Internet are usually kept sealed in the box, so I decided to unpack this one.

P60127 134637

 P60127 134655

P60127 134739

The doll has a standard Super Action Jenny body. The boots are too massive and loose for her small feet.

P60127 141638

P60127 141610

I like Kurumi's beautiful blue eyes and her 90's looks.

P60127 142002

Maybe the hairline is too bright, but it looks neat.

P60127 142052

The contents of the box are a typical SAJ stand, plastic gloves, arm warmers (or, rather, sleeves) and... a bucket?!

P60127 142211

P60127 142219

P60127 142225

P60127 142249

Here is what Kurumi looks like when she wears the accessories.

P60127 143252

As for the bucket, it is, in fact, a maid headband! You have to cut it out from this piece of plastic, so at least one DIY element is present.  

P60127 143347

P60127 144056

P60127 144613

It doesn't look very convincing on her head (and can't be secured properly).

P60127 144726

In general, Kurumi is a very good-looking doll, but there is nothing special about her, as she is basically similar to any other Takara poseable doll.

P60127 144930

P60127 145439

P60127 145159