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    ACS Rimuru Tempest

    Gourmet Popo Minky Momo

    Pullip Hatsune Miku Yokohama Ningyou ni Ie Ver.

    T.A Academy for Girls School Uniform

    Juban Municipal Junior High School Uniform


Super Action Jenny, or SAJ for short, is the jointed body for 275mm dolls that Takara introduced in 1996. It appeared due to the international success of 1993 Gymnast and Ballerina Barbie - whose ariculation points were directly reproduced for SAJ. The body appeared in two skin tones. SAJ was widely used for Takara dolls representing the characters from fighting games (Virtua FighterFighting Vipers etc.) Takara also found it suitable for dating sims characters (SotsugyouTrue Love Story etc.)

The body was used approximately till 2000, then a new Takara Cool Girl body standard was created for action dolls.