Caffè Mew Mew Mina

    Oshare na Sandy Belle

    Caffè Mew Mew Pam

    Precure Style Cure Fontaine

    Precure Style Cure Sparkle

    Precure Style Cure Grace

    PureNeemo Ohara Mari PB Ver.

    PureNeemo Ohara Mari

    Heidi (Ibense)

    Anna dai capelli rossi


    Yawaraka Mirai-chan


This doll line by Tsukuda Hobby was launched in 1997 and existed till 1999. The dolls were 1/5, mainly 30cm tall, with the exception of Iris (25cm), Rishu (Super Deformed) and Maria and Kanna (32cm). In some cases hair is molded. 


The dolls have a unique skeleton with coil springs which allows them pose in a natural way; for example, when a FAD lowers its head, the shoulders move and the whole upper part also bends slightly. The waist twists, although its joint is not visible. Actually, all FAD joints are covered with PVC "skin"; arm skin comes separately and looks like two hoses which the owner can draw on the doll's elbow joints to conceal them. Unfortunately, the skin can make bending limbs rather difficult.

The full list of releases: 

AD-36 Sentimental Journey Nanase Yu (deluxe) - unreleased?
AD-43 Sorcerer Orphen Orphen (unreleased)
AD-44 Sorcerer Orphen Kuriou (unreleased)
Bridal Show Set (no numbering)