ACS Azumaya Junta

    ACS Saijo Takato

    AniFee Hachiroku Driver Ver.


    Super Mario no Santa Doll

    Collection Doll Hatsune Miku

1/3 Hybrid Active Figure Leviathan preorders start on September 29 at Azonet.

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PiccoNeemo Nipako has finally appeared at Azone website. Azonet pre-orders start on October 01.

At last Dolk Station has published the first image of long-awaited BJD Sebastian Michaelis! Follow his page here. Now we can be sure he's not cancelled.

Volks has announced Tenshi Advent fair dates. Visit their special website to learn more about the event.

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Medicom reminds of its newest releases RAH 698 Sinon and RAH 697 Levi! Available today. See Medicom blog here.