ARC Jigoku Shoujo Yoi no Togi

    Kashiwagi Hatsune

    PureNeemo Shinjo Akane

    PureNeemo Takarada Rikka

    ACS Amamiya Ren

    HAF Yumi

AK-Garden 9, the event featuring 1/12 models, starts on November 22. Azone has announced its participation with PiccoNeemo dolls. 

Visit AK-Garden official page.



We're celebrating Evangelion 20th Anniversary and hope for new releases. Don't forget that pre-orders for Asuka with Japanese Sword are still accepted!

Dolpa LA 2015 After Report has been officially published by Volks USA. Visit their page to read it.

PureNeemo Boy Body Flection Type has appeared in Azone stores.



1/3 Hybrid Active Figure Leviathan preorders start on September 29 at Azonet.

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