ARC Jigoku Shoujo Yoi no Togi

    Kashiwagi Hatsune

    PureNeemo Shinjo Akane

    PureNeemo Takarada Rikka

    ACS Amamiya Ren

    HAF Yumi


Wonder Festival starts tomorrow! Get ready for some news from Kiwi House and Cherry Milk!

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Don't miss the pre-order period for England and Japan's Apron Set by Azone! Pre-orders start on January 25.



Dolls Party 34 After Event takes place tomorrow! Don't miss the news at the official page!

Takara Tomy accepts pre-orders for Ayanami Rei with Japanese Sword December 24 till February 15. Check the official website.

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Don't miss BJD Sebastian by Dolk! Pre-orders open on December 25!